Rumor: Joker To Get Two Sequels Over The Next Four Years

Despite first claiming it would be a standalone movie, there are now fresh rumors that Joker could be getting not one, but two sequels.

Batman’s nemesis The Joker has been portrayed on the big and small screen almost as many times as The Dark Knight himself. Some of the actors to have given portraying The Clown Prince of Crime a whirl include Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, and even Mark Hamill in the Arkham video games.

Up until last year, the general consensus was that Ledger’s portrayal of Joker was the very best. That opinion has now changed for a lot of DC fans. In 2019, Joaquin Phoenix was given a chance to play DC’s most famous villain. Not only did Joker, the movie in which Pheonix starred, become the first r-rated flick to bring in more than $1 billion at the box office, but Phoenix won an Oscar for his troubles.

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Those involved with the project originally claimed that despite being a part of the DCEU, Joker would be a standalone project. However, it would appear that none of those people were expecting Joker to perform as well as it did at the box office. It is now being reported by The Mirror that Warner Bros. has plans for not one, but two Joker sequels.

Phoenix was a proponent of Joker not being a part of a bigger picture but is rumored to have changed his tune. The Mirror also claims that the Academy Award-winning actor has also been offered $50 million to reprise the role. The sequels also hinge on director Todd Phillips and producer Bradley Cooper returning for the movies. Suffice to say, without that trio, the magic of the first movie couldn’t be created.

These are just rumors for the time being, but it makes sense that a studio would want to do everything in its power to create sequels to a movie that brought in $1 billion. Fans will be hoping that Phoenix’s Joker also makes appearances in other DC franchises. Could there even be a chance he shows up to stand opposite of Robert Pattison in The Batman?

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