Ryan Thomas’ furious girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh labels Roxanne Pallett a “lying b****” after she accused him of punching her

The angry TV star said Roxanne was a “disgrace” after her meltdown in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Lucy tweeted that Roxanne was not “mentally fit to be in the house” following her meltdown in Thursday night’s episode and now claims to have been threatened by the actress’ manager.

In a new rant, Lucy said: “It’s actually a disgrace. Her agent is now trying to sue me for defamation of character. I think you’ll find that’s what she has done to Ryan!

“Both of her social accounts have been deleted… says a lot!

“Campaign until she gets removed! Her agent can go f*** himself, I’m not removing any posts.

“He has around 7000 other people on social media to sue as well!

“I think everyone is in utter shock! Get the lying b***h out! How dare she make a mockery of domestic abuse!”

Ryan, 34, was given a formal warning by producers after gently jabbing at her ribs during a play fight on Thursday night’s episode.

Following the incident Roxanne, 35, said it had “bloody hurt” before calling him a “woman beater” and demanding he was removed from the Channel 5 show.

She said in the diary room he had “actually punched me like a boxer punching a bag.”

She added: “I can’t believe you’re letting somebody stay who’s done that.”

The actress also requested to sleep in a separate room because she claimed to be scared for her welfare.

But viewers have defended Ryan, insisting she was over-reacting.

Kashmira Irani on Twitter wrote: “If I was Ryan Thomas I would take Roxanne Palette to court once I leave the house for defamation for character. She gives true victims of abuse a bad name.”

Roxanne’s Twitter account has since been deactivated.

Her fiancé Lee Walton, 40, has now claimed Ryan intimidated her with a series of phonecalls a decade ago over a dress she wore to the British Soap Awards.

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The kindest person I know ❤️

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The kindest person I know ❤️

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He said: “Roxanne said Ryan rang her and told her, ‘Don’t wear that dress tonight.’ He was throwing his weight around. She was obviously p***ed off.

“Then when she was at the event, she says he came up to her and said to her again, ‘I hope you haven’t brought that dress and you’re not going to wear it tonight.’ Then added, ‘Cos you know the consequences,’ and walked off.”

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