Sacha Baron Cohen's Epic 'Who Is America?' Finale Tricks Trump Supporter Into 'Committing' Terrorism

Cohen and the man go undercover at the Women’s March in San Francisco as a lesbian couple with knowledge of Leaf tire pressure and a single episode of “Girls.”

Sacha Baron Cohen may have pulled off his most elaborate stunt yet in the epic season finale of "Who Is America?" by convincing a man to "commit" an act of terrorism.

Of course, nothing dangerous really happened, but the man didn’t know that. The segment featured Cohen’s most successful character, Isreali anti-terrorist expert Erran Morad. Glenn started as one of three Donald Trump supporters recruited to infiltrate pro-liberal organizations like Antifa, but it didn’t stop there.

"What is the aim of the MeToo movement?" Morad asked the men.

"Take over the world," Glenn said instantly. When Morad followed by asking what they would do then, with no hesitation, he said, "Kill all the men."

Does Glenn really believe this? It’s hard to say, but none of his fellow cohorts in the training chimed in with a dissenting opinion, and to Cohen’s credit, he just rolled with it. "Of course," he said plainly. With their conspiracy-theory-radar that sensitive, this was going to prove pretty easy.

Morad then taught them some of the key things they would need to know should they have to pass as militant lesbians, like the tire pressure of a Leaf and the pertinent details of a single episode of "Girls." Lesbians use this show as a code word, of course. We all knew that. They couldn’t actually be watching it because they enjoy it, right? Did anyone?

By the end of their training Morad had the men miming lewd sexual acts on a doll of Trump because that’s how you prove to the liberals you hate the president. Why it went sexual immediately is anyone’s guess, but apparently sexual assault is how you tell liberals you don’t like the same things they don’t like. Good to know?

After selecting Glenn as the most radical thinking of the three men, he flew with him to San Francisco to infiltrate the Women’s March as a lesbian couple. Please remember that the Erran Morad character is a giant hulking man with a five o’clock shadow and a ridiculous jawline. And yet, he went double-disguised as Morad as a lesbian … and he looked ridiculous.

It’s both remarkable and disturbing how easily he was able to manipulate Glenn into going a little deeper and a little deeper into the subterfuge, dressing as a woman and even putting tracking devices on targets. Then, came the moment of truth. "What you don’t know is in the transmitter that we put on their back, there is a small explosive device," Morad told Glenn. "Small enough to create a fatal heart attack."

He then encouraged Glenn to press the button on his table to active one of the bombs and kill one of them. After a moment’s hesitation, he actually did it. "I never participated in someone’s death," Glenn said. "I feel a little queasy." All he needed to cure that was to walk it off a bit, though, so that’s nice.

Of course, no one was actually harmed, but Glenn certainly didn’t know that at the time. "The crazy thing about these liberals is how easy it is to radicalize them and turn them into killers," Morad said meaningfully, but the inference flew right over Glenn’s head.

"Well, they’re little lambs," he said. "I’d be the butcher before I became the sheep." And yet, in a way, he became both.

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