Sarah Silverman Shocks Bill Maher's Audience by Comparing Trump's America to the Holocaust

Comedian argues her joke is “funny because it’s true” on HBO’s “Real Time.”

Sarah Silverman received quite the reaction from the "Real Time with Bill Maher" audience Friday night when she compared Donald Trump’s America to the Holocaust.

Silverman dropped the joke that drew a mix of moans, groans and applause from the HBO late-night show’s in-studio audience after Maher congratulated her on getting a star on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame."

"You know, in a time, Bill, where anti-Semitic crime is up 57 percent since this douchebag has taken office, it is not lost on me that I am very lucky that I get a star and I don’t have to sew it on my clothes," Silverman said, prompting a gasp from the in-studio audience.

"Oh, no you didn’t!" Maher joked, and Silverman added, "I did! I don’t know if that’s gallows humor or just like ‘it’s funny because it’s true’ humor."

The late-night host applauded Silverman on the new season of her Hulu show "I Love You, America," where the comedian visits parts of America that are full of "lied to" Trump supporters.

"You do a great service," Maher said. "You go out and talk to people who are outside our little bubble here in Hipsterville."

"They don’t even know what oat milk is," Silverman joked.

While the "Wreck-It Ralph" star may not be changing minds in middle America, she feels that her own perception of Trump supporters has.

"You do realize there’s a bit a difference between the liars and the lied to," Silverman said. "[Trump supporters] don’t know they’re lied to. It’s like cults. Cults don’t know they’re lied to."

Silverman went on to talk about how the word "shit" getting bleeped on TV is an example of how we don’t "question" even the "least important" issues.

"We accept that the word ‘shit’ is obscene, that it’s a swear," she said. "It just means poop, it just means crap. There’s no reason it should be considered obscene or a swear at all, but we don’t question things that are just the way they are."

"I think that it’s an example of how it’s so f–king hard to have any process because we don’t question anything," she continued. "No one says why is ‘shit’ bleeped on TV?"

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