Saturday Kitchen descends into ‘chaos’ following Camilla Parker Bowles jibe

John Bishop heckles Tom Parker Bowles on Saturday Kitchen

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Matt Tebbutt hosted Saturday Kitchen this weekend and welcomed a wide range of guests onto the BBC cooking show. Comedian John Bishop featured in the episode promoting his latest tour and couldn’t help making a few jokes on the programme. Food critic Tom Parker Bowles fell victim to John’s jibes while attempting to present a cooking demonstration. It wasn’t long before host Matt described the segment as “chaotic”.

Foodie Tom was on the programme, showing viewers how to put a spin on a classic cheese toastie.

However, while muddling his way through the cooking demonstration, Tom began to be heckled by John.

Watching on, the comedian jokingly suggested chef Georgina Hayden’s demonstration earlier in the program was better.

John teased: “Do you know what? It just felt easier with Georgina before.

“I don’t know what the difference was, but it just felt a little bit smoother,” he joked, causing the studio to erupt with laughter.

“I’m not saying anything,” Georgina commented.

“No, you’re alright Tom. What are you after now?” Matt asked, as Tom appeared to be looking for something in the kitchen.

However, Georgina reassured him: “We’re fine, we’re fine. We’re having a lovely time.”

John began heckling Tom further, referencing his link to the Royal Family through his mother Camilla Parker Bowles.

The comedian said: “You can almost hear them going ‘Have you done your homework?’. I don’t know when your mum’s coming home, maybe never!”

Matt burst out laughing as Tom desperately tried to continue with his cooking demonstration.

“This is brilliantly chaotic Tom,” Matt remarked.

“Let me tell you, at the end goodness comes out of it,” Tom insisted.

Speaking to the viewers at home, Matt said: “Just by chance, if nobody’s following this because it’s a bit random, all the recipes are on the website you’ll be pleased to know.”

“There’s no randomness at all!” Tom exclaimed. “Really Matt? I mean, it’s like having my children here abusing me.

“I feel a bit hurt by the way. I feel sad,” he joked, smiling at his co-star.

Tom tried his best to get his cooking segment back on track, but it wasn’t long before John started teasing him again.

“I’m just standing here cooking up masterpieces,” Tom hit back.

John shouted across the studio: “Your mum hasn’t left me, she’s just spending time with her sister. I don’t know what she meant by ‘I killed her dreams’.”

“I mean seriously!” Tom said, with Matt adding: “This is hilarious, I’m having a right laugh.”

Saturday Kitchen airs Saturday’s at 10am on BBC One.

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