Secret signals of Shane Richie and AJ Prichard spat as I’m A Celeb pair clash

I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! appears to have its first campmate feud between none other than Shane Richie and AJ Pritchard.

Leading communication and body language expert Judi James, who starred in Big Brother's Bit on The Psych and Bit on the Side, has given her professional stance on what viewers believe could be a feud between the two. as they clashed over washing up.

Speaking to Daily Star about the tension viewers are convinced of, Judi told us of the signals the pair have been displaying during their war of words.

On their body language, Judi said: "Shane’s splayed legs and his hand on his hip showed leadership dominance here, while AJ had pushed his chair back to 'remove' himself from the rest of the pack while they were eating, a ritual that would be seen as threatening in animal packs.

"Shane tried to assert his authority over this 'rebel' by throwing his tin down noisily for AJ to pick up and wash up.

"Instead of submitting to Shane’s authority though, AJ stayed in his seat and threw the gauntlet down by using a dismissive head cock gesture, counter-ordering Shane to 'Put them by the bucket'.

"It would have been important for Shane’s alpha status for him to avoid losing face at this crucial power-challenge. He got up to 'obey' AJ but did it in a way to put the younger guy firmly back in his place, ambling past him to force him to move out of his way and then using a powerful shoulder clamp hand gesture on the way back.

"This very dominant gesture clearly wasn’t lost on AJ, whose dazzling Strictly smile was suddenly replaced by a scowl that suggests he might have lose this particular skirmish, but that doesn’t mean the battle is over yet."

Judi continued: "Shane is dominant in terms of his age, star status, experience in showbiz and his ability to keep winning twelve star meals for the group. He’s also fun and really popular in the group.

"AJ is the guy who looks deceptively young and inexperienced, yet he is also the one who took a swipe at Shane over the washing up.

"The cause of their rift might be beyond petty but it is how wars start in show like this."

It comes after fans of the show are convinced that Strictly star AJ does not like his fellow campmate EastEnders legend Shane after noticing some awkward glances.

During Thursday's show, AJ, 26, was seen looking unimpressed as Shane, 56, practically threw down his bowl and cutlery after eating and asked: "Right, who's doing the washing up?"

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Shane, who played Alfie Moon in the BBC soap, was clearly delighted that he was no longer on washing up duties.

However, AJ had recently been tasked with doing the washing up with campmate Jessica Plummer, so understandably he didn't like Shane's comment and told him where to actually put his bowl.

"You can put it by the bucket," he told him, whilst finishing off his own food.

"Who is doing the washing up?" Shane then asked again, to which AJ replied: "Myself and Jess."

Shane then walked over to the bucket, threw his bowl and cutlery on the floor and put his hand on AJ's shoulder as he walked back – and AJ just couldn't hide his annoyance.

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