Seven explosive EastEnders spoilers for this week as Gray Atkins is finally caught

ALL hell breaks lose for serial killer Gray Atkins as the truth FINALLY catches up with him.

No.1 Albert Square takes centre stage this week. Get the lowdown on all the upcoming EastEnders drama.

1. Whitney solves Tina's murder

As Gray (portrayed by Toby-Alexander Smith) gets ready to bring his son Jordan home, DCI Arthurs asks to talk to him about Tina.

BBC One viewers know that the latter's body was found underneath the floorboards of the Argee Bhajee by Phil Mitchell in horrific scenes.

Gray willingly gives his DNA but questions why he is being interrogated and insists he has nothing to do with Tina's death.

At the café, Janine lets it slip to Sonia Fowler and Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) about Tina leaving them both heartbroken.

This prompts Whitney to come to the sudden realisation that Gray – whom she has been trying to take down for months – killed Tina.

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2. Shirley wants revenge

Before Tina's body was ever found, her sister Shirley (Linda Henry) remained adamant to keep searching for her.

She previously believed Gray when he told her he had seen Tina alive and well on a bus, thus thinking she may have been on the run amid a feud between the Mitchells and the Beales.

After Nancy Carter tells her she saw Gray alongside DCI Arthurs, Shirley confronts him a first time, barging into his home.

However, Gray's manipulative tactics made a return as he assured Shirley he was distraught over Tina's death.

But when Shirley hears from Whitney that Gray killed Tina, everything falls into place, despite her son Mick's doubts.

Shirley storms out of The Vic to find the lawyer, hellbent on revenge, and bangs furiously on his front door.

Noticing that Gray won't be opening his door for her, Shirley decides to try and break it down to confront the serial killer.

But will she really take matters into her own hands?

3. Karen takes a stand

Gray realises that everyone is turning his back on him with the exception of one resident.

He turns to the one person he can trust – his former mother-in-law Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley).

Karen is unaware that Gray abused and killed her daughter Chantelle and refuses to believe Mick and Whitney's accusation.

She hides him in the flat and Gray expresses his gratitude by pouring his heart out to her, in another twisted move.

Warm-hearted Karen listens to him, only falling more and more for his lies.

On the other hand, Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) remains unconvinced and it's only a matter of time before he finds out what Gray has done to his daughter Chantelle.

Will he tell Karen the truth in time for her to turn away from Gray, once and for all?

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4. Chelsea is trapped

As Gray's second wife, Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) has become all too aware of his temper.

But she could well meet the same fate as Chantelle.

Coming up, Chelsea is concerned over Jordan coming home with Gray after a long stay at the hospital.

She is surprised to see that the father of her child is a no show to pick Jordan up.

Little does she know that Gray is being threatened by Shirley.

A panicked Gray calls Chelsea, telling her to come home straight away as they will be leaving the Square for a few weeks.

Chelsea grows suspicious as Gray refuses to explain anything.

Later on, Chelsea is urged to return home by a troubling voicemail from Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Deol).

Rushing over to Jordan, Chelsea finds that someone has taken her son and complies.

But upon her return, she finds Gray waiting for her.

Truth time has come for Gray and Chelsea demands answers about his actions before realising she's been caught in a trap.

The confrontation turns sour as Gray fails to control his rage.

Viewers are convinced Gray will kill again before being caught out – but has he really not learned anything from the past?

However, more than one life could be hanging in balance as Whitney is also desperate for her own moment of reckoning with Gray.

5. Gray faces the music

After waking up from his coma, Gray was perhaps hoping to find peace.

But as mentioned above, he will be faced with the consequences of his actions in no time.

He begins to plan his escape after his first encounter with Shirley, knowing that time is quickly running out.

The truth eventually prevails as his dark past finally comes to light.

Numerous residents turn to him, looking for revenge and the police are flooding the Square, ready for his comeuppance.

With his options officially running out, what could Gray do to avoid justice?

If he can even avoid justice at all?

6. Kheerat makes a big decision

On the run after his brutal fight with Gray – which resulted in the serial killer being in a coma – Kheerat abruptly shows up in the Square.

The business saves the day as his mother Suki was preparing herself to postpone a meeting with Ranveer.

Once the meeting is over, Kheerat reveals that he will be leaving Walford for good as he is still wanted by the police.

While on his way out, he bumps into Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) and the pair share a passionate kiss as a goodbye.

Kheerat then runs into Whitney who begs him to help her protect Chelsea but he refuses, believing he can't get involved anymore.

A conversation between Gray and Denise makes him change his mind and Kheerat rushes to the hospital to warn Chelsea.

But will his plans to go on the run be thwarted?

7. Rocky gets a new job

Amid all the Gray drama, one EastEnders character is ready for a fresh start after being exposed as a fraudster and suffering two heart attacks.

This week, Rocky (Brian Conley) waves goodbye to his con man ways and decides to earn his money with a job.

Rainie Highway (Tanya Franks) gives him a chance at the funeral parlour but things get off to a rough start and it's soon clear that Rocky is not cut out for the job.

But Rocky doesn't quite and, later, tries to impress Jay Brown, pleading with him for a job at the Car Lot.

He also tries to make amends with Sonia (Natalie Cassidy), first by offering her his condolences when he learns that she knew Tina.

He then promises both Kathy and Sonia a cut of money from his new job in a bid to make up for his vicious scheming.

How will they react?

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