Silent Witness star admits they ‘wanted to cry’ ahead of return to BBC series

Silent Witness: Nikki Alexander performs an autopsy

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Amanda, 65, starred as Sam Ryan in the hit BBC series Silent Witness from 1996 to 2004, where she headed up the forensics team. The hit show recently returned to screens for the 25th series, and fans were delighted to see Sam back at the centre of the action. Speaking exclusively to and other media, Amanda admitted she “wanted to cry” as she reprised her role, adding it was a “touching” moment to return to the set.

“Oh, I just wanted to cry,” the actress revealed when asked how it felt to be back on the show.

“When we did the tease, which we shot in a car park in West London, I was just very excited and it was an extraordinary experience.

“But also just looking around, there were some people on the crew there who’d been with the original series, and that was just really touching, actually, really touching.”

She added she hadn’t ever expected to return to Silent Witness.

“I had the pleasure of Emilia [Fox] and I doing a photoshoot together about four years ago, and we were sort of laughing about it then,” she recalled.

“But it was sort of, ‘Yeah, right. You know, that’s never going to happen.'”

The Silent witness icon also admitted she had followed a piece of advice during her early days on the show given to her by a real forensic scientist.

“I remember meeting a forensic pathologist and she said never, ever wear a scent you love because it will always remind you of death.

“So I used to wear some really horrific kind of [perfume]. It was Love or something in a purple bottle.”

The actress went on to say she hadn’t dug it out again to reprise her role of Sam.

Amanda was once used to the gory nature of forensic work when she played Sam, but admitted she had lost some of the resistance to gore she once had.

Discussing scenes involving post-mortem, she commented: “It was very much learned in the early days.

“I think actually I’ve become a lot more squeamish now, particularly about watching anything, I have to turn away.

“But yes, I was extremely happy that Emilia had all the post-mortem, that made me smile because I could just be a bystander and stick my beak in occasionally and be irritating.”

She added: “I’ve always just been knocked out by the precision and the sort of beauty actually, for want of a better word, of making our props.

“They’re so lifelike and squeamish-inducing as well, but there’s a real art.”

The explosive opening to the new series saw the team having to work together as Sam’s looming presence caused tension.

Before her return, Sam’s last episode saw the forensic pathologist leaving for Northern Ireland to be with her family.

Fortunately, Amanda admitted stepping back into her role after such a long time was “easy”.

It soon became clear that Sam may have changed a bit though, and her intentions aren’t clear.

Silent Witness continues on Monday at 9pm on BBC One.

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