Simon McCoy hits out as guest blames Boris for fuel crisis ‘Not the Government’s fault!

Fuel crisis: Simon McCoy disagrees with GB News guest

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Simon McCoy and Kirsty Gallacher hosted GB News on Tuesday morning and a big topic on the programme was the ongoing fuel crisis affecting the UK. The presenting duo welcomed motoring journalist Quentin Willson onto the programme to share his thoughts on the issue. However, Simon hit out at the guest amid a heated debate about panic buying.

Quentin began discussing how people are panic buying fuel at petrol stations: “Fuel is the new loo rolls, yes, I think you’re right.

“But, surely people don’t want to queue for hours to fuel up when they know there isn’t a crisis.

“I think a bigger question perhaps Kirsty is that we no longer trust the Government when the PM and Grant Schapps says, ‘Look there is no shortage of fuel’ which there isn’t.

“It doesn’t seem that message is being trusted by motorists and drivers,” he noted.

However, Simon quickly interrupted, objecting to Quentin’s thoughts on the government.

The GB News instead insisted that the blame lies in the hands of the media industry.

He exclaimed: “Hang on a minute because it’s all very well to say the government is responsible for this, but every time you switch on the telly, every newspaper you read talks about a fuel crisis, shows pictures of queues at the pumps.

“It’s human nature that people are going to say, ‘well, if that’s going on I need to join the queue’.

“That’s what’s happened. That’s not the government’s fault,” he added.

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