Simon Rimmer addresses Tim Lovejoy’s Sunday Brunch absence after presenter shake-up

Sunday Brunch: Simon addresses Tim's absence from the show

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On the latest episode of Sunday Brunch, Channel 4 host Simon Rimmer was joined by host Miquita Oliver, who stepped in to replace regular presenter Tim Lovejoy. They also welcomed a number of celebrity guests onto the show including EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt, Vicky Pattison, Ellie Taylor and Jamie-Lee O’Donnell.

However, just minutes into the programme, fans were left questioning where Tim was.

The host usually presents the cooking show alongside chef Simon Rimmer every week.

Taking to social media, Tracey simply asked: “Where’s Tim?”

User Gall said: “Turning on #SundayBrunch expecting Tim Lovejoy and seeing Miquita Oliver, is like switching on the football expecting Steve McManaman on co-commentary and then hearing Ally McCoist.”

User Dunks tweeted: “Where’s Tim gone?”

While Ian joked: “Ian joked – come back Tim all is forgiven.”

“Am I the only one missing Tim?” Marjorie commented as Tyler asked: “Where oh where is TIM.”

User Atomic even refused to watch the show because Tim wasn’t there.

Despite Tim’s absence, viewers were also thrilled to see Miquita as his replacement.

“Miquita must get a permanent spot in place of Tim Lovejoy,” user Hyder pleaded.

SK said: “Petition to bring in Miquita permanently. Love her energy.”

As Bex praised: “Miquita Oliver needs to be on our TV way more, I love when she is on anything.”

Simon also addressed his pal’s absence at the opening of Sunday Brunch.

Fans don’t need to worry as Simon explained Tim was just taking a well-deserved break.

“Now Tim is on holiday this week, so joining me to help this morning is Miquita Oliver.

“Welcome, Miquita it’s lovely to see you.”

“Thank you,” the host replied. “I actually feel quite honoured to be hosting for the first moment in the new set, the new fancy set.”

Simon continued: “Here’s a confession about the new set because Tim’s away this week.

“For years we have had swatches of fabric and colour swatches so I thought, I am going to bite the bullet now he’s on holiday.

“Going to get the decorators in and get it done, do you think Tim will like it?”

“I think he will be very proud of you,” Miquita praised.

Sunday Brunch airs on Sunday at 9.30am on Channel 4.

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