Six huge EastEnders spoilers for next week as Linda fears she’s pregnant and undercover Callum finally confesses

FEAR is brewing next week for the residents of Albert Square as Callum finally tells Ben he’s been working undercover to get dirt on Phil.

Linda faints at the hospital and thinks she might be pregnant – but who’s the daddy?

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And the disappearance of Bailey continues, including a tv appeal by Mitch and Karen.

  1. Callum finally confesses to Ben he has been working undercover

Ben tells Callum that he wasn’t involved with Kush’s murder and pledges his honesty.

Realising he hasn’t been honest; Callum finally confesses to fiancé Ben that he has been working undercover and the target and the target is was Phil.

Ben reels from his fiancé’s bombshell and demands answers.

Callum tells Ben he will be waiting for him at the registry office, but will he show up?

2. Violet arrives on the square

A newcomer Violet visits Albert Square as Callum and Stuart's grandmother.

When introduced to Ben, first impressions don’t go down too well.

However, Stuart doesn’t look like he wants his grandmother around.

How will he take it when he hears she might be sticking around?

Violet also introduces herself to Phil and suggest they go for a drink together.

Even though Phil agrees, he soon regrets his decision and leaves after Violet’s comments infuriate him.

3. Is Linda pregnant?

Linda struggles with Nancy decision to get sterilized and Mick advises Linda to not interfere and make matters worse.

Linda doesn’t listen as she is seen making a call pretending to be Nancy.

Things get more complicated for our favourite landlady as she faints in hospital while speaking to Nancy’s doctor.

Linda fears she may be pregnant, but after a brief fling with Max Branning, could he be the daddy?

4. Bailey's disappearance

Residents in the square are in despair as the search for Bailey continues.

A frustrated Mitch initially refuses to go in for questioning as he thinks the police suspect him.

Things get worse for the Taylor family as Mitch realises that Bailey was worried about their money issues and blames himself for what's happened.

Keegan soon makes a fundraising page and Jack asks Mitch and Karen to make a TV appeal.

Karen blames her old boss Apostolos for Bailey running away after the TV appeal.

But are they making matters worse?

5. Lola worries for Issac

Lola worries about Issac who isn’t sleeping well and questions him.

Issac confesses to his girlfriend that he has stopped taking his medication.

Lola’s demands him to inform his doctor, but will he listen?

6. Bailey is found

After a successful tv appeal, jack is pleased to inform Mitch and Karen that Bailey has been spotted sleeping rough.

Viewers see her at an underpass with dog Banjo and a sleeping bag.

But who will find her and bring her home?

EastEnders continues on Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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