Six huge EastEnders spoilers for next week – Gray attacks Linda and Denise reveals her identity to Ellie

GRAY Atkins lashes out at Linda next week in EastEnders as he struggles to cope with the pressure of Whitney's trial.

Here's the lowdown on what's happening in Albert Square next week…

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1. Gray attacks Linda

While babysitting for Gray, Linda notices he seems stressed and decides to help him out by doing some cleaning. 

But when Gray realises she’s cleaned Chantelle’s mug, he reaches boiling point and lashes out at Linda. 

Viewers will see Linda aghast at Gray's behaviour.

Has he blown his cover?

2. Gray steps in as Whitney’s defence

Later at court, Whitney’s barrister fails to turn up, meaning Gray – who turns up just in time – is the only person who can step up for the final statements. 

But will a dishevelled Gray be able to help?

Or might the stress of everything finally get to him?

3. Whitney’s murder trial verdict is reached

EastEnders bosses have confirmed that Whitney’s murder trial verdict will be reached next week. 

But soap bosses have teased that the trial will be turbulent. 

Might Gray let Whitney down and get her sent behind bars?

4. Linda and Shirley discuss Gray

Later, Whitney awaits the verdict as Shirley and Linda discuss Gray and his aggressive behaviour. 

Might they be about to put two and two together and realise Chantelle's death was no accident?

5. Denise reveals her identity 

Viewers know that Denise lied about her real identity the first time she bumped into Ellie at the hospital while visiting Raymond. 

Denise had just heard about the fatal car crash and rushed to the hospital, where she claimed to have been a friend of Raymond’s mum and dad. 

But Denise will come clean to Ellie next week after she learns Phil has been visiting the toddler.

After Lexi overhears Ben and Callum talking about Phil’s visits to see Raymond, Lola meets up with Denise and tells her everything.

6. Denise warns Ellie about Phil

Denise rushes to meet Ellie and begs her not to let Phil anywhere near Raymond.

But might Ellie shock Denise with her response?

Mica Paris – who plays newcomer Ellie – has teased there's going to be tension between the pair as they lock horns over Raymond.

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