Sony, Michael Bay & Erwin Stoff To Turn Mark Greaney Audio Novel ‘Armored’ Into Action Thriller Film

EXCLUSIVE: Sony Pictures has acquired Armored, a film adaptation of the new audio book written by Mark Greaney, who’s best known for writing the Gray Man bestsellers and who is also co-author of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan novels.

Michael Bay is producing through his new deal at Sony Pictures along with Erwin Stoff of 3 Arts. They will set a writer quickly. The book will be released through Audible in late 2020 and published as a traditional novel at a later date.

The novel focuses on a high-risk security contractor who suffers from old wounds– both physical and mental– and reluctantly takes a job working on a heavily armed convoy shuttling UN delegates through Mexico’s “cartel country.” High on the “Devil’s Spine” of the Sierra Madre, the mission turns into a desperate struggle for survival as corrupt police, rival gangs and an enemy within all try to destroy the tiny motorcade before the peace talks bear fruit.

Studio sources said the focus might move from Mexico and the cartels, but that’s what is in the book.

Bay has been keeping busy despite the pandemic. He is teamed with Adam Goodman on the pandemic-themed thriller Songbird, which will start production within five weeks, with Adam Mason directing.

Greaney is repped by CAA and Scott Miller at Trident Media Group.

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