Spice Girls NEW MOVIE: Emma Bunton clarifies what to expect as Victoria Beckham RETURNS

Yesterday it was reported that all five members of the iconic group are working behind-the-scenes on an animated film – including Victoria Beckham, who is not part of their current stadium tour. Now, Bunton – speaking on Heart Radio to Amanda Holden and Jamie Theakston – has answered some pressing questions about the concept, the music, and whether it’s related to their original 1990s cult movie, Spice World.

“We’re really excited about that,” she said.

“We’ve been sitting with some writers now for quite a few months and we’ve had loads of ideas.

“We’ve just been throwing things at them, they’ve been coming back.”

She added: “Can you imagine animation? Doesn’t that take like 20 years to do or something?

“They better get on with it. Hurry up. Can you just start drawing us?

Asked if it’s a reimagining of Spice World, Bunton said: “Oh no it’s a whole new story. A whole new story.

“I’m just really looking forward to see how they draw us, the animations.”

And asked if the band will have super powers, Bunton beamed: “We haven’t got to that yet but I’m hoping. I’d like some super powers.

“Oh my goodness I really would like to be invisible. I know everyone says that.

“But I’d love to be invisible and just go anywhere I want and watch anyone I want. And spy on people.”

The Spice Girls’ tour concludes in London this week: they play the first of three consecutive nights at Wembley Stadium tonight.

Plans for further live shows in other countries are not yet confirmed.

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