SPOILER ALERT – Coronation Street's Phelan is back!

And at the top of his latest list of people to terrorise seems to be wife Eileen and daughter Nicola.

Eileen is living on her nerves as the anonymous crank calls continue.

There’s worse to come when she finds two removal men leaving her house with her furniture after someone by the name of Pat – which couldn’t possibly be her husband because he’s dead… – booked them and gave them a key.

The final straw is when she gets a call on her mobile and the voice at the end of the line is unmistakably Pat’s.

The police tell Eileen that an old answerphone message could have been used to make her believe it’s her murderous husband. But when she returns home to find a brick thrown through her window, she’s terrified.

Pregnant Nicola is just as jumpy staying at No.11.

When she hears a noise in the house, she trips and falls down the stairs.

Eileen and Seb come to her aid, but will she lose her baby?

Meanwhile, Gary is suspicious of a new online friend that Nicola has made.

After doing some digging, Gary and his mate Joe head to a caravan park in Wales where – lo and behold – there’s Pat! So… now what?!

Robert is hospitalised

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