SPOILER ALERT – Emmerdale's Ross plays Russian roulette with Joe

The shocking shooting comes after Ross’ hunt for Simon leads him to dangerous gangster Connor, who tempts Ross into his sordid world of drug dealing by promising him information on the acid attack if he sells £10,000 worth of heroin for him.

Ross agrees, but soon matters spiral out of control when his car containing the drugs is stolen.

In retribution, Connor grabs Debbie and demands she find the missing heroin or pay him the street value…

Meanwhile, Connor has told Ross that Joe paid Simon to keep his mouth shut about who ordered the acid attack, so Ross gets hold of an old WWII gun to confront his nemesis.

Loading one of its six barrels with a bullet, he points it at Joe and demands to know the truth.

As he starts pulling the trigger in a game of Russian roulette, Joe is terrified that he’s going to die.

Will he tell Ross that Debbie ordered the acid attack?

That remains to be seen, but we can reveal that the bullet is fired – and one person ends up in a bloody heap on the ground…

Doug Charged!

We still haven’t got over the events of last week that saw Gerry become the third victim of Lachlan.

And neither has Doug, who is so convinced his shoddy building work killed his friend that when police charge him with gross negligence manslaughter, he decides to plead guilty.

At least Lachlan feels bad about that, as he offers to pay for a lawyer for Doug, but not bad enough to own up to killing Gerry.

Meanwhile, Lachlan and Belle decide to keep their baby, much to the concern of Zak, but then Belle has a shocking announcement for her boyfriend…

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