Spoilers: Emmerdale star teases Jamie's death as Cain seeks revenge

Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) finds himself facing the wrath of Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) in Emmerdale, as the truth about Moira’s (Natalie J Robb) hit-and-run is revealed.

Jamie has managed to evade justice regarding the hit-and-run, because both Andrea (Anna Nightingale) and Belle have agreed to keep shtum.

Belle has been by Jamie’s side every step of the way — much to her family’s dismay — and she’s found herself disowned as a result.

Speaking about Belle’s inner conflict, actress Eden Taylor-Draper said: ‘It’s really painful but she’s sticking to her guns, she knows she loves Jamie sand she’s trying to deal with that.

There is doubt in her mind — she’s turning her back on the whole family. Deep down, she thinks this is the right thing to do.’

Things take an interesting took next week, as Jamie antagonises Andrea when he apologises for his behaviour, only to boast about her forgiveness later down the line.

Having overheard him do so, Andrea decides that enough is enough, and thus storms up to the farm to reveal that it was Jamie who left Moria for dead.

Naturally, Moira is horrified, and wastes little time in confronting Belle on the situation.

Eden said: ‘Moira confronts Belle and says that she knows about the hit and run and she know it’s Jamie — and Belle panics.

‘Belle covers his back. That’s a moment where she could’ve gone “I’ve known all along”, but she covers his back and panics, and runs straight to tell Jamie.

‘She says “We need to sort this, I don’t know what we’re going to do. You need to go check the car parts in the lake and make sure they’re all covered and this is all sorted. “

There’s a big panic, but part of her must be relieved because this is such a big secret she’s been keeping. Obviously it’s not what she wants because he could go to prison. ‘

‘At first Jamie panics but then he kind of feels like “well they’ve got nothing on me”. He’s very cocky about the whole situation, but Belle puts doubts in his mind when she says “Well, there are your car parts with her blood on it, and you don’t know if they’re secure or not or if they could be found”, so that’s when they decide that they need to go sort this out.’

Yes, Belle and Jamie head to the lake to check the car has properly been disposed off, but what they didn’t bargain for is that an irate Cain — having learned the truth from Moira — arrives with a bat in hand, and hellbent on revenge.

It’s safe to say that Jamie is in life-threatening danger!

Eden said: ‘Cain turns up, face of thunder, with a bat and she’s seen him like this many times. She knows all he wants to do is kick his head in for what he’s done to Moira — because there is love there, between Cain and Moira as well.


‘If Belle isn’t careful — if Belle lets Cain do what he wants, Jamie could potentially die in this situation.

‘Cain’s not turning up just to warn him. He shows up all guns blazing.’

I think Jamie is the dark mysterious bad character, but it in every Dingle to do what they believe is the right thing, and Belle is capable, and if pushed, she could do her worst.

One to watch: Wednesday September 23 at 7pm on ITV.

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