Spoilers: Jean gets two huge shocks in EastEnders tonight

Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) has an emotional night ahead of her in EastEnders as the day of her oncology appointment arrives. Having been focused on ailing Daniel Cook (Adrian Edmondson) and trying to block out the inevitability of his death, she has not been focused on herself and she was rocked when he made a vow that he would not die until he new she had the all clear.

Tonight, she tries to swerve her appointment and concentrate on Daniel and enjoying the time they have remaining together but she is clearly on edge and Mo Harris (Laila Horse) takes her to get her results.

It’s good news for Jean – there is no sign that the cancer is spread and she is given the all clear and the emotions get the better of her as Mo comforts her. But as Jean digests this information, she hides the truth from Daniel as she doesn’t want him to let go.

Mo eventually lets slip to Daniel about Jean’s good news and he is delighted but Jean’s fears that she will now lose Daniel start to dampen her spirit. However, as they sit in the gardens and talk, their chemistry as evident as ever, Daniel brings a smile back to her face in heartwarming scenes.

The couple have been a huge hit with couple due to their humour and affection in the face of mortality but all good things come to an end and as Jean returns from getting a drink for Daniel, she gets the second of her shocks of the day.

But what has happened? Has Daniel passed away or taken a turn for the worse?

And when she does end up losing him, how will Jean cope in the aftermath of his death?

EastEnders continues on Thursday 27 February at 7:30pm on BBC One. 

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