Spoilers: Kim kills Pierce to save Rhona in Emmerdale?

Kim Tate (Claire King) is about to get caught up in desperately unhinged Pierce Harris’ (Jonathan Wrather) attempts to take over Rhona Goskirk’s (Zoe Henry) life again but, when violence ensues, could she become an unlikely hero and save Rhona from Pierce’s grips – by killing him in self defence?

Kim is under the impression that she and Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) were the ones who killed Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) on that fateful night. But having been contacted and stalked by a newly released Pierce, Rhona insists to Kim that he must be the killer.

After Rhona leaves, Kim turns on Al for an explanation and he is forced to admit that he didn’t actually kill Graham. Kim is secretly glad that she had nothing to do with the death of her husband but also furious with Al’s deceit and fires him on the spot.

After doing some digging about Pierce, Kim recognises him as Ollie, the man who has been posing as her solicitor for weeks. Realising how much danger Rhona is in, Kim hurries off to warn her but she might be too late.

Pierce has the leverage of holding Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) and her young son Johnny hostage – and when he uses her to get through to Rhona, he warns her that he has no further use for either of them – will he kill them?

As Rhona agrees to a meet up, scared for Vanessa and Johnny, a deluded Pierce says he has changed and they can make a fresh start away from Emmerdale. As Rhona plays along, Kim arrives and intervenes only for Pierce to approach from behind and club her over the head.

He drags Kim’s body through to the other room and starts to tie her hands – but is this his biggest mistake; trying to overpower the mighty Kim Tate?

As Rhona is presented with an opportunity to fight or flee, will a struggle break out? And with Rhona having confronted Pierce over killing Graham, will he realise he has nothing left to lose and turn on Rhona?

With a lifeless Kim nearby, could she stir back into life and save Rhona by finishing off dastardly Pierce? Or will Rhona be forced to fight the man she is most terrified of and who has now twice destroyed her life?

A final showdown explodes – but will everyone survive?

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