Spoilers: Nancy makes a devastating confession to Kyle in Hollyoaks

Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox) issued Kyle Kelly (Adam Rickitt) with a huge ultimatum in Hollyoaks, when she asked him to choose between her or the drugs, and while he chose the latter at the time, he’s had something of a change of heart, but he’s left devastated in the coming episodes when the woman he loves makes a hurtful confession.

Nancy wasn’t in the least bit pleased when she discovered that Kyle had been taking drugs in the house, and thus she berated him for doing so. However, when he continued to take drugs, she revealed she didn’t believe she could marry him.

With animosity stronger than ever, Kyle sought solace in drugs which he purchased from Jordan (Connor Calland), and ended up in a devastating car accident which endangered Oscar’s life.

A horrified Nancy saw this as a wake-up call — and hoped he would too — as she asked him to choose between her and the drugs.

Kyle ultimately opted for the drugs, but he regretted doing so, and begged Darren (Ashley Taylor Dawson) for help in winning her back.

With Darren having refused to do so, Kyle returns to Nancy himself in the coming episodes, as he begs her to give him another chance and take him back.


However, Nancy admits the she sometimes thinks they’d all be better off without him.

One to watch: Tuesday June 2 at 7pm on E4.

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