Sport Relief’s mystery assassin kills off famous Steves in Killing Eve spoof

BBC Sport Relief 's Killing Steves saw a mystery assassin slaughter several famous Steves before finally being unmasked.

The silly skit spoofed the BBC's show Killing Eve , with a figure wearing a pink dress with blonde hair murdering the celebrities.

Stephen Mulhern gets shot with an arrow by his "glamorous assistant" while performing magic on stage.

Steve McDonald from Coronation Street gets poisoned in the Rover's Return – but not before reminding the assassin that his real name isn't even Steve, he's just playing a character.

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The actor Simon Gregson falls to the ground after sipping a beer that the villain had got to first.

The mystery killer even murders Stephen Fry by tempting him across a corridor with encyclopedias.

The corridor leads into a room that is booby-trapped by "Villainelle", who is revealed to be David Walliams dressed as a woman in make up and a wig.

Stephen recognises David, but David, speaking in a heavy Russian accent, insists he is "very attractive Russian female assassin".

He declares: "Prepare to fry!

"It's funny, because it's your name."

He electrocutes Stephen to death, and then calls someone on the phone to tell them: "I have finished killing Steves."

The person on the other end of the call is revealed to be snooker player Steve Davis, who it transpires hired the assassin to kill off other Steves so he could finally be the most interesting Steve in the world.

But David reminds him there are plenty of other Steves he has not killed, briefly breaking character.

When the villain realises Steve is not paying him – he murders Steve too with an avalanche of snooker balls.

Viewers were in equal parts baffled and delighted by the skit, and took to Twitter to share their mirth.

"i cannot believe sport relief are doing a killing eve parody called killing steves where they’re killing off steves like steve mcdonald and stephen mulhern, incredible," wrote one.

"I have to say that the sketch on @sportrelief killing Steve’s was funny and @davidwalliams , @StephenMulhern , @stephenfry and the others were incredible," added another.

"Hahahahahaha so David Walliams is the "woman" killing Steves and Steve Davis is the mastermind behind it. Brilliant. #SportRelief2020 #SportRelief x," giggled a third.

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