Squid Game-inspired shows coming to BBC after record-breaking success of Netflix horror series

IT’S currently the most talked about TV show, not just in this country but around the globe.

Now the growing band of fans who’ve been hooked by gorey Korean drama Squid Game even includes the boss of BBC drama.

And Piers Wenger says he wouldn’t be against the corporation acquiring the show or any of its sequels.

Speaking this week at the launch of the BBC’s new drama line-up he was asked what non-Beeb programmes he’d watched recently that made him wish it had been made by the corporation.

He said: “This is one of those questions that you always regret answering honestly. But the last thing I watched was Squid Game – which was brilliant.

“Obviously it’s not a UK production, far from it. I just thought it was unlike anything I’d seen before I just found it weirdly mesmerising.”

He was also asked if the likes of Squid Game could ever find a home on one of the BBC’s channels, including those who acquire non-English shows.

He said: “Obviously it’s a Korean show and we don’t tend to commission Korean dramas. As an acquisition? Maybe.”

'Watch this space'

Piers was talking as he unveiled new Beeb dramas including This is Going to Hurt, an adaptation of Adam Kay's best-selling book about being a junior doctor; The Girl Before with Ben Harding and Jessica Plummer and Chloe starring Erin Doherty who played Princess Anne in the last series of The Crown.

He also highlighted two upcoming dramas – Red Rose and Wrecked – which were in a similar vein to the bizarre Korean thriller.

Piers said: “If you look at the slate of BBC stuff that is coming through they both have elements of a show like Squid Game.

“They have horror elements to them and they are pretty anarchic so I think watch this space on that one.”

He added: “The thing about acquisitions is they’re so much harder to come by than they’ve ever been because they’re being increasingly made for platforms that have a home in the UK as well.

“So the availability of acquisitions is tough.”

The thing about acquisitions is they’re so much harder to come by than they’ve ever been.

Squid Game has been a sensation since it launched this autumn on Netflix, hitting the streaming giant’s number one spot in over 90 countries.

But it’s also attracted controversy for its bloodcurdling storyline, which features a group of debt-ridden people battling to get hold of a huge cash jackpot while killing each other in a series of sick challenges.

I can see that nestling nicely between Songs of Praise and Countryfile.

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