'Star Wars' Fans Think 1 Movie in the Sequel Trilogy Is 'A Love Letter to the Spirit' of the Saga

The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy had been eagerly awaited for years. When it finally came, it was unquestionably a huge success in theaters.

But it’s also been the target of criticism from fans. One of the movies, in particular, drew a lot of heat, even though critics loved it. But although those voices have been loud in the community, not everyone agrees with them. In fact, some fans think this movie is pretty special, and they’re here to defend it. 

The backlash was loud and surprising

There have been few movies in the history of cinema that were as highly anticipated as the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. According to ScreenRant, the reaction to the first film in the series, The Force Awakens, was largely applauded by fans and movie critics alike. 

That made it even more surprising when the second installment, The Last Jedi, was released, and the response was quick and negative. While critics thought this movie was also well-executed, fans of the franchise flooded the internet with negative reviews. 

Although Star Wars fans are notoriously opinionated, the intense reaction was still a surprise to many. What was behind the backlash?

What caused the negative response?

Although many fans who objected to The Last Jedi were reacting to perceived holes in the plot or inconsistencies in the characters, according to Syfy Wire, there was also another group who had a different set of problems with it.

For some of them, the movie showed a change in who held power in the Star Wars universe, and they weren’t happy with who it was handed to. 

The movie’s director, JJ Abrams, addressed these objections, pointing out that many didn’t appreciate the racial or gender diversity of the cast, and especially disliked how “tough” Princess Leia was in the new trilogy.

“Their problem isn’t Star Wars, their problem is being threatened,” Abrams said. “If you are someone who feels threatened by women and needs to lash out against them, you can probably find an enemy in Star Wars. Anyone who wants to find a problem with anything can find the problem. The internet seems to be made for that.”

Obviously, not all fans feel threatened, even among those who still don’t like The Last Jedi. But some of them think that it’s not only a good movie, but it may be the best one of the trilogy. And they are happy to explain why. 

‘A love letter’ according to these fans

On Reddit, people got into a discussion of what makes The Last Jedi good — and possibly even the best. 

The second half of this movie is my favourite of any Star Wars ever,” one person enthused. “Luke’s big moment confronting Ben, embracing himself as a legend but doing it in a truly spectacular Jedi fashion, all of the symbolism of the calmness of the light and the anger of the darkside, it’s truly an amazing scene. Like to me THIS is Star Wars.”

“I still believe TLJ will rise above TFA and TRoS as a love letter to the spirit of Star Wars, and one of the most compelling entires in any media for this universe,” a commenter said. “While it began with a nihilist attitude, it ended with a strong message of hope and prevailing over impossible odds. And, if that isn’t a Star Wars Story, then I don’t know what is.”

“Man, yes,” another agreed. “I have loved this saga all my life, and TLJ made me weep. It was a love letter to Star Wars and the lessons it taught. It reminded us that heroism isn’t something given to you, or promised because of your blood or “destiny”, it is something you choose. It’s always something you can choose, even when you fail. Light can and will always prevail. It’s my favorite Star Wars film, and quite frankly I’m ready to fight in the parking lot about it.”

Art, by nature, is subjective, and people won’t ever agree universally on it, especially when it represents something they care about. But for some Star Wars fans, The Last Jedi is a shining example of what the franchise is all about. 

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