Stephen Colbert Is Not Thrilled When a Massive Iguana Pees All Over His 'Late Show' Desk

“Let’s move on,” Colbert says after his desk gets covered in a sudden burst of reptile urine.

Stephen Colbert got an unusual surprise Friday when wildlife host Coyote Peterson brought out a Cuban rock iguana on "The Late Show."

Colbert was hesitant at first, but eventually warmed up to the iguana. "Wow, he’s really beautiful," Colbert said, petting the large reptile. But then host stopped mid-sentence as the iguana began to urinate on his desk.

"Okay!" Colbert exclaimed, jumping out of his chair. Peterson, who of course is used to things like this, kept his cool, as the late-night host frantically threw tissues on his desk and tried to clean up the mess.

"I would rather he bit me," Colbert told his audience, continuing to clean the desk.

"See he knows what it takes to make a viral video," Peterson joked, but Colbert simply said, "Let’s move on."

"You don’t want to feed him some bananas?" the "Brave Wilderness" star asked incredulously, lifting up a bundle of the fruit.

"Nope," Colbert quickly responded. "I, uh, don’t want to load him up again."

The next animal guest on the show was a green anole, which Peterson explained as "one of the most dangerous lizards in the world."

"If you are brave enough, and I know that you are, you are going to be bitten by one of these anoles," Peterson continued, telling Colbert to "mentally prepare" himself.

"I’m Stephen Colbert and I’m about to enter the bite zone with the green anole," Colbert said, staring into the camera.

Peterson then placed the green lizard near Colbert’s ear, as it crawled up and latched its teeth onto his earlobe.

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