Stephen Colbert Poke & Trevor Noah Poke Fun At First Night Of Republican National Convention

As they pointed out the highlights and critiqued segments from last week’s virtual Democratic National Convention, television’s late night hosts returned to do the same for this week’s Republican National Convention.

The first night of the Republican National Convention, which was held at North Carolina’s Charlotte Convention Center, saw Donald Trump Jr., Tim Scott, Kimberly Guilfoyle and others make the the case for President Trump’s re-election. From burns about first night’s speeches to photoshop-heavy skits, here’s how some of late night reacted to the RNC kickoff.

Stephen Colbert gave the 2020 election yet another Avengers spin in response to night one of the RNC.

During last week’s Democratic National Convention, The Late Show’s America: Endgame skit saw the left-leaning politicians as the heroic group of super humans. Leading the pack was Joe Biden’s Captain America, backed by Kamala Harris’ Captain Marvel and Barack Obama’s Iron Man. The latest skit, however takes a deeper look into who makes up Trump’s entourage.

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In the video the president, who is this alternate Marvel world’s super villain Thanos, has William Barr as a giant beast, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner as intergalactic henchmen and first lady Melania as Thor: Ragnarok‘s Hela. The video sees Mitch McConnell as the Red Skull and Mike Pence as well…himself.

“I don’t take responsibility at all,” a purple Trump says snapping his fingers. As he snaps, United States Postal Service mailboxes disintegrate and statues of problematic historical figures, like Stonewall Jackson, appear out of midair.

Making a final out-of-place appearance is Eric Trump, who joins in as Bat Man.

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah also chimed in on night one of the Republican National Convention. Though his input wasn’t as fantastical as Colbert’s, Noah gave a concise review of what the event’s premiere looked like.

He kicked off his recap noting how some producers from The Apprentice were involved in the 2020 event.

“Does this mean that Trump is planning on firing people?” Noah excitedly asked. “Maybe if we’re lucky, this week will end with Trump firing one of his kids.”

Noah also brought attention to the RNC’s roll call, which was noticeably less diverse than that showcased at the Democratic National Convention. Though Monday roll call was not as “beautiful” as last week’s in Noah’s eyes, it was still interesting, he said.

The late night host went on to poke fun at some of the more quirky calls, from a North Carolina representative saying that the state’s “nutmeggers” cast “spicy” votes for the president to another state rep mixing up the words “abolitionists” and “segregationists” in their speech.

“The RNC roll call was depressing, at least a DNC had a ninja chef posing on a beautiful beach,” he quipped. “The most interesting person here looks like he’s getting his mugshot done for after being arrested for sweating too much.”

Earlier in the segment, Noah also acknowledged the need for the Trump-centered convention. Last week the host and comedian said that the DNC’s featuring of guests hailing from different political parties was meant to sway some Republican and uncertain voters towards voting for Biden. But with Trump speaking nearly every night of the convention, Noah said the RNC serves another purpose. 

The Republican Party on the other hand, they only care about the appeasing Trump because it’s his party now. If you don’t like it you can shut the f**k up or join John Kasich in that field.”

Watch Colbert and Noah’s respective skits below.


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