Stephen Colbert Ridicules Alex Jones for 'Losing War on Info' After Infowars Is Purged From Facebook, YouTube, Apple, Spotify

“Late Show” host brings back his spot-on impression of “bath salts spokesmodel” Jones to mock the conspiracy theorist as popular platforms turn against him.

Stephen Colbert ridiculed Alex Jones on "The Late Show" Tuesday night in wake of the controversial Infowars host being booted from a number of platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Apple.

"Folks, there was some bad news recently for extreme right-wing conspiracy theorist and bath salts spokesmodel Alex Jones, because it looks like his website InfoWars just lost their war on info," the CBS late-night host joked.

"Now if you want to see one of Jones’ signature rants, you’ll have to be in the next booth at Ruby Tuesday’s when he sees a mother breastfeeding," Colbert added.

Jones has made a living off of preaching what Colbert described as "vile conspiracy theories" for years, most notoriously maintaining that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was an elaborate hoax. Angry parents of the children killed in the massacre have since filed a lawsuit against him, but the tipping point for social media platforms seems to have been a broadcast in which Jones appeared to threaten Special Counsel Robert Mueller while addressing the Russia investigation. "You’re going to get it, or I’m going to die trying," he said and imitated firing a gun.

"Okay, that is awful, but it’s actually pretty close to my message to Mueller: ‘You’re going to get him, or I’m going to die crying,’" Colbert joked.

Even Pinterest and YouPorn have banned Jones and Infowars, but Twitter has decided against hopping on the bandwagon. CEO Jack Dorsey explained the popular social media platform’s decision Tuesday night by saying, "We didn’t suspend Alex Jones or Infowars yesterday. We know that’s hard for many but the reason is simple: he hasn’t violated our rules. We’ll enforce if he does. And we’ll continue to promote a healthy conversational environment by ensuring tweets aren’t artificially amplified."

Colbert really dug into Jones by making a complete mockery of his broadcast with his parody, "Brain Fight," starring Colbert as Tuck Buckford. While he doesn’t look like Jones, he sounds just like him while parodying the Infowars host calling on viewers to send donations in wake of popular platforms turning against him.

"Now, it’s a slippery slope. If they can de-platform Tuck Buckford, next thing you know they’ll be coming after me for so-called child support which I ‘owe’ to my ‘ex-wife’ who I ‘miss desperately,’" Colbert’s Buckford said. "President Trump, I need you to do the right thing, all right? Help Tuck. Venmo me fifty bucks, or China will win the midterms."

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