Stephen Mangan spoofs The Handmaid's Tale in BAFTA TV Craft Awards 2018 opening sketch

Stephen Mangan has spoofed The Handmaid’s Tale in an opening sketch for the BAFTA TV Craft Awards 2018.

The Episodes actor was in attendance at the awards on Sunday night (April 22) where he was on hosting duties. Before then, however, he managed to wangle a crafty little short of his own.

Taking inspiration from Margaret Atwood’s classic novel-turned-Golden Globe and Emmy-winning television series, Mangan donned the classic red cape and hood, deeming himself a BAFTA Handmaid named Ofcom.

And the results are definitely interesting. Take a look below:

“I am a handmaid,” says Mangan at the start of the clip. “A BAFTA handmaid. My name is Ofcom.

“I’m forced by my dystopian overlords – the BAFTA committee – to perform all kinds of degrading tasks, like playing Scrabble late at night with Joseph Fiennes and spending hours in terrible isolation, watching dehumanising propaganda.”

The three-minute clip then sees Ofcom meet with a handmaid companion call Ofsted, adding a few more gags for good measure.

“Nice cloak,” he adds. “Is it… handmade? Get it?”

“Under BAFTA’s eye,” he says at end of the sketch.

Three Girls and Game of Thrones led the BAFTA Craft winners on Sunday night.

The awards ceremony saw the best behind-the-camera talent in British television go head-to-head. And the results were as unpredictable as ever.

Click here for all the winners.

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