‘Stop talking’ Dan Walker shuts down BBC co-star over ‘embarrassing’ England Ashes loss

BBC Breakfast: Dan Walker tells John to ‘stop talking’

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Dan Walker was clearly left devastated after Australia defeated England and retained The Ashes in the current five-match series. England’s loss was a hot topic of discussion on Tuesday’s BBC Breakfast, as Dan spoke about the defeat with co-host Luxmy Gopal and sports correspondent John Watson. However, things took a turn in the interview when Dan told John to “stop talking”.

While speaking about the sporting event, John explained: “As it is for [cricket star] Joe Root at the moment and the England set up and they’ll be desperately searching for answers now.

“But you kind of feel so far away from home now, you know with the disappointment, three crushing defeats…”

Shutting down his co-star, Dan hit back: “Stop bringing us misery John.

“Just stop talking.”

“It’s a slice of reality,” John went on to add,

“Yes, but we like our reality but with a little more sugar-coating please,” Luxmy chipped in.

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