‘Stranger Things’: Millie Bobby Brown Reveals She's Just Like Her Character for This 1 Reason

Fans of Stranger Things have their favorites. One of them is Eleven, played by actress Millie Bobby Brown. In a recent interview, Brown spoke about some of the things she and Eleven have in common. Here’s what she said about one similarity she shares with Stranger Things character Eleven. Can you guess what it is?

How Millie Bobby Brown became famous

Before appearing in Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown had a thriving television career. Brown made her acting debut in 2013 in the television series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. She played Young Alice in two episodes. In 2014, she had a recurring role in the series Intruders, in which she played the character Madison O’Donnell. In 2016, after a few small television parts, Brown landed the role of Eleven in the Netflix series Stranger Things. Her other television roles include NCIS, Modern Family, and Grey’s Anatomy.

What Millie Bobby Brown learned about herself from playing Eleven on Stranger Things


Appearing in Stranger Things has been a bright spotin Brown’s career. In her interview with Glamour magazine, Brown sharedhow playing Eleven on Stranger Things affected her. When asked what thecharacter taught her about her personal power, the actress said she has learneda lot from Eleven’s strength.

It’s really a story of individuality, too. I have learned a lot from Eleven. Yes, she’s powerful, but she is also a loyal friend and protector. Even though she’s still learning how to use her voice, her resilience, loyalty, and strength inspires me. My message is always to spread love, light, and positivity. The world can be a scary place sometimes, but it’s important to remain hopeful and to be kind to others.

How Millie Bobby Brown Is like Her Stranger Things character

After an actor has been playing a role for a couple of years, it’s not surprising that he or she would begin to see some similarities between themselves and the character they’re playing. It’s no different for Brown. The actress says she has some things in common with her Stranger Things character, Eleven.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Brown shared some of the relatable moments she shared with her character over the last three seasons. She said one similarity between her and Eleven is that they’re both going through a transition between being a child and becoming an adult. “It’s the in-between of being a kid and being an adult. You don’t really know how to be both. It’s a confusing part of your teenage years,” said Brown.

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