Strictlys AJ Odudus nephew tells her to kiss professional partner Kai Widdrington

Strictly Come Dancing star AJ Odudu’s nephew advised his auntie to kiss her Strictly Come Dancing partner Kai Widdrington.

As part of the show on Saturday 30 September, AJ visited her nieces and nephews who can all be seen looking adorable in their Halloween costumes.

They all asked AJ questions about being on Strictly, when one of her nieces asks if she’s enjoying her time on the hit BBC dance competition.

AJ replied: “I’m really loving it. I like learning new dances, I like all the costumes, and I really like Kai.”

One of AJ’s nephews then bit the bullet and asked: “Why don’t you just kiss him?”

The pair then burst into laughter before Kai kisses AJ’s hand in a gentlemanly manner.

Strictly viewers took to Twitter to back AJ’s nephew’s request, with one person saying the youngster was “speaking the voice of the population”.

Someone else wrote: “‘AJ’s nephew knows what’s up, asking the question we’re all thinking,’ as a third person said: “‘Absolutely love AJ’s nieces and nephews: “Why don’t you just kiss him?” So cute.”

Strictly Come Dancing host Claudia Winkleman later added fuel to the fire, and also egged Kai on to kiss AJ.

She said to the duo after their dance: “I just wanted to say on behalf of your nephew Odhran, who we all fell in love with, you wanted to kiss at any point – now, come on Kai. It’s the right time.”

The pair then awkwardly laughed as Kai appeased Claudia and said: “I know it is. I know. We’ll do it after the scores.”

Rumours have been going round that the pair have been dating in light of Kai and AJ’s undeniable on-screen chemistry.

The pair have continuously dismissed the rumours, butAJ admitted that there’s “a lot of passion” in their performances.

"Right, so Kai has not only been teaching me how to dance but he's been teaching me how to act. There's a lot of passion, there's a lot of chemistry, there's a lot of romance, it's thrilling!" she told The Sun.

The TV personality continued: "And in practice I could not look at Kai without bursting out into laughter. But now hopefully come Saturday night, I'm going to look at him eye to eye, look in love and it's going to be amazing. But it is awkward!"

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