Strictly’s Katya Jones reveals she’s left scratches all over Seann Walsh’s back

Katya Jones has revealed she left Scratches and buises all over Seann Walsh’s back on Saturday night.

The pair, who had a tricky week following the release of pictures of them snogging, danced a cheeky Charleston set in a pizza parlour, where they did some death-defying lifts.

One of these saw Katya clambering all over Seann’s back, walking up his spine before standing tall on his shoulders.

The duo appeared cosy on It Takes Two where Katya said: "God I chucked a lot into it [the dance] and I was not giving up. I didn’t quite go as planned.

"He’s got massive bruises and scratches on his back and then he hurt his knee as well."

Seann added: "I was injured, that’s how brave I am!"

Slightly angry at Seann’s suggestion of being brave, Katya quipped: "Oh yeah, it wasn’t me who was standing on your shoulders who was brave."

Seann later admitted he didn’t think the routine was even going to work having had "less time" to work on it during their "hard week," which of course came from the headlines and backlash from their shock kiss.

He said: "Last week we had a bit less time as well – it was tense, I have to say. when we started on Saturday I had no idea if it was going to work. You don’t know what’s going to happen.

"It was because of the training close to the wire, not knowing if we’d pulled it off, and a complicated routine and it it did really well but you never know.

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"It was big week, we had the support of everyone, it was lovely so there was more to it."

The pair were seen kissing this time two weeks ago, and pictures were snapped before they were released on Saturday night.

Each of the dancers apologised the following day, before Seann’s ex Rebecca Humphries released a scathing statement suggesting he was "gaslighting" her and pretending nothing had been going on.

Their relationship ended, while Neil Jones posted an image of himself naked on rocks, perhaps showing everyone what Katya’s got at home.

Strictly Comes Dancing returns on Saturday at 6.45pm on BBC1.

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