Student spends just over £1,000 transforming her flat into groovy 70s haven

Retro decor fan Isabella Bondo has shared how she spent just £1,130 taking her previously grey and plain one-bed flat back to the 70s.

Isabella, 24, has decorated the space with plants, bamboo furniture, floral prints, and orange – plenty of orange.

The social work student, from Odense, Denmark, said: ‘I’ve always been fascinated with 60s and 70s fashion since I was young and was eager to be able to style my first home to honour that era.

‘I just love all of the bright colours from the oranges and maroons to the yellows.

‘When I first moved into my flat, I already had a vision of how I wanted it to look, as I hated the boring grey carpet and white walls that came as a default.

‘I followed a lot of Instagram accounts and Pinterest threads for inspiration.’

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Isabella spent five months making the changes to her flat last year, relying on Facebook Marketplace and local charity shops to find bargains.

‘I just love bamboo furniture,’ she explained, ‘as it’s how I imagine most houses were furnished during the 60s and 70s.

‘I got a bamboo dining table for £45 and four chairs to match off of Marketplace for £160.

‘I found a tulip lamp from an independent shop on Instagram for £200, which was probably the most expensive part of the renovation, but it’s beautiful and really lights up the place.

‘One of my favourite pieces is the orange space age shelving unit I have underneath my television to store records and trinkets, that was £115.

‘I got a bucket of yellow and orange paint to do a feature wall in my bedroom and the living area and combined it cost about £40.’

Isabella was also able to find on-theme additions like wall plants for £4, two shag rug carpets for £100, and an orange tan couch for £250.

She also added a range of floral prints and cat pictures and even has a £1000 wardrobe packed with flared jeans, polo necks, and vintage dresses.

‘All of the colours make for an incredible airy and bright space which I love,’ Isabella said.

‘I added lots of plants to the space as well, which gives it that freshness and makes it smell amazing.

‘I have two cats who just really fit into the space as well as they are both orange, a lot of people seem to think I bought them to match the décor.’

She also tries to be ‘as environmentally friendly as possible’ by getting her clothes from charity shops.

‘Thrift stores are my favourite place to get flared jeans from,’ Isabella said, ‘which I wear daily.

‘I also try and buy my tops and dresses from independent sellers, or second-hand online.

‘If something rips, I always try and fix it if I can.’

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