Any Sympathy For Thomas Ravenel's Season 5 'Southern Charm' Girlfriend Is Gone

Ravenel was asked to skip the season 5 reunion

Southern Charm fans are still catching their breath after the season 5 finale which felt more like whiplash than a Winter Ball. But if you thought the heightened drama of the finale was something, wait until you see the reunion. While we are missing executive producer Whitney Sudler-Smith and cast member Thomas Ravenel, we have everyone else and a whole lot of Ravenel’s season 5 plus-one who is being portrayed as a loose cannon with a hair-trigger temper.

Hollywood Life says that unlike in past years, Kathryn Dennis has the support of the cast as they all have a common enemy, Ravenel’s season 5 on again, off again girlfriend who attended the reunion even though he was asked to stay away due to his current legal situation. In the season finale, Ravenel looked exhausted as he nodded along when Dennis warned him that she had been threatened, and she was worried for him and their two children.

While we only got small doses of Cameran Eubanks this season as she was either pregnant or caring for a newborn for most of the time, the reunion gives Cam an adequate opportunity to say what’s on her mind.

It is my lot in life to be surrounded by handsome men. (Jason included ????) dress and shoes @gwynnsofmtp ????

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Cameran explains that she can’t even imagine what it was like going through all she has experienced alone, without a partner, and without the support of the cast. The new mother of baby Palmer seems repentant, as, like Patricia Altschul, she believed the stories she heard from Ravenel over the years, portraying Dennis as unstable.

I just can’t imagine what you’ve been through as a mom and not having support around you in that time in your life,” Cameran says. “And you don’t know unless you have a child.”

Cameran adds that she loathes Ravenel’s girlfriend, who continuously overestimated her importance by insisting on being treated as a cast member, despite not even getting paid for her time on the Bravo show.

“Yeah, she’s a horrible human being. Horrible.”

Reality Blurb added that even though Ravenel isn’t in attendance, Dennis shows no sympathy for him after acknowledging that it was Thomas who spread rumors about her for five seasons and benefitting from the fact that people were willing to believe the stories he told. On the Southern Charm finale alone fans got to see Ravenel lie by saying he never told his girlfriend that he was unhappy and wanted to move on.

Kathryn says that she wishes people were willing to at least consider there was more than one side to any story.

“You know, Thomas definitely puts some things out there and I wish people would have realized how the good ol boys system works.”

While Kathryn might have been willing to converse with Ravenel’s girlfriend at the ball, she has no patience left for her at the reunion, mocking her backstage in the same tone of voice which was used by the self-described “Cali-Girl” to chastize cast member Chelsea Meissner.

“What about accountability Ashleeey. Let’s talk about it Ashleeey.”

While Ravenel’s plus-one attends the reunion, most fans are happy to hear that she will only share the stage for part of the time.

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