Ted Bundy would use severed heads of corpses to perform sex acts on himself

New Amazon Prime documentary, Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer launches today, and will tell the infamous crime story from the perspective of his female victims.

It will also be the first time that Ted Bundy's former girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall and her daughter Molly have spoken about.

To mark this, Daily Star Online has looked at one of the wildest theories surrounding the notorious serial killer.

It is widely reported evil serial killer Ted Bundy used to revisit the graves of his victims and their severed heads to perform sex acts on himself.

He would either sexually violate the corpses or take them home for his own sadistic gratification.

Bundy decapitated at least 12 of his victims and it is claimed he may have used some of them to perform sexual acts on himself.

Asked why he did this, he replied: "When you work hard to do something right, you don’t want to forget it," The Sun reported.

Bundy was arrested in 1975 for the kidnapping of Carol DaRonch, one of the few women who survived his attacks. He was sentenced to 15 years behind bars.

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In 1977, Bundy jumped out of the jailhouse library window and completely vanished.

He managed to evade cops for eight days, before finally being captured.

But shockingly, in December the same year, he climbed through the hole in the ceiling of his cell and fled to Florida.

In 1978, he broke into the Chi Omega sorority at Florida State University, he killed two women and attacked three others.

Bundy was convicted of those crimes in in 1979. This came after bite marks on the bodies were determined to be his.

His final victim was a 12-year-old girl in Florida.

Bundy admitted to killing 36 women in total during four-year murder rampage in the late 1970s in America.

On January 24 1989, Bundy was executed on the electric chair for his crimes – he was 42 years old when he died.

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