Teen Mom Briana DeJesus admits she had unprotected sex with baby daddy Luis before she learned he 'gave her an STD'

TEEN Mom star Briana DeJesus reveals she spent the night with her baby daddy Luis Hernandez – and the pair decided to have unprotected sex.

Briana and Luis welcomed their daughter Stella in 2017 but Luis rarely sees her daughter.

Yet in a new clip from an upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2, Briana is left "embarrassed" as she arrives home the following morning to find her mom and sister Brittany waiting up for her.

She then admits to having unprotected sex – but claims Luis "cried" and said he wanted to be in his daughter's life.

"I spent the night at Luis' and my family was up when I got home and I was really embarrassed," said the mom of two.

Brittany and Bri's mom then began mocking her for hooking up with Luis, with the 26-year-old going into detail about what happened.

"We had a conversation and then we went to his car, and we went to his house and then," she said, trailing off before Brittany joked: "She be having a good time."

Her mom was not imptessed though and asked if they used "protection" to which Briana said "no" and Brittany added: "Now that's when you f**ked up."

Briana insisted however that she was on birth control and said she would "get tested for an STD"; Teen Mom fans found out in a trailer for the new season that Briana later discovered he gave her an STD.

Luis has been in and out of their three-year-old daughter Stella’s life, as he was last spotted celebrating her birthday in July.

On last week's episode, Briana told her friend Shirley that it is “not fair” he’s out “having a good time” while she’s “not able to do nothing.”

She continued: “On Instagram I peeped and I saw this. He’s going to be at the club DJing. Are we going? His first time back DJing so we’re going to pop up. 

I want to show face and be like, ‘Hey where the f**k you been? I may just get drunk and be mad emotional and walk up to him and be like, ‘F**k you!' Who knows.”

At the club, Briana could be seen drinking alcohol as she waited for Luis’ DJ set to end. 

Briana’s friend went home with her boyfriend, leaving her and Luis alone. 

They met outside of the club and she confronted him for being uninvolved in their daughter’s life. 

Luis explained how he now has a union construction job in Florida that will allow him to see their daughter more. 

She then told Luis that he should’ve tried “harder” to get back together with her when they split during her pregnancy. 

As Teen Mom 2 fans know, Briana became pregnant with their daughter after a one-night stand at a club. 

Months before Stella’s birth, Briana, who is also mom to daughter Nova, 9, with ex Devoin Austin, learned Luis had been cheating on her throughout her pregnancy.

Despite their differences, Briana asked her baby daddy: “Where do you live? Do you live far from here? Call an Uber and we’ll go home.”

Briana then left the club with Luis. 

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