Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s mother Deb slammed after she covers only her nipples in 'disgraceful' White Woman’s Rap video

FARRAH Abraham’s mom Debra Danielsen has been slammed by fans for only covering her nipples in a “disgraceful” music video for her latest song White Woman’s Rap.

The 62-year-old Teen Mom alum nearly revealed all in the shocking clip where she wears a see-through mesh top censored only by black nipple covers. 

Debra completed the risqué ensemble with fishnet stockings and black leather shorts. 

The grandmother of Sophia shook her body around with provocative moves in the middle of her street as she was joined backup dancers. 

She rapped in her new track: “We don’t cut no slack. We just set the tone.

“We won’t hold you back. We just hold yours stacks you’ll be like ‘give them back.’”

Deb and the rest of the music video cast donned face masks during their performance. 

Fans slammed the Iowa native for the latest release and even advise she “fire” her stylist. 

One person who dragged Deb said: “What the f**k!!!! Why are you wearing that you look ridiculous… please fire the stylist… they did you wrong… get your money back. WOW!!!!”

“Oh my freaking lord! Is she kidding us with that outfit?? That is not sexy whatsoever,” someone fired off. 

Another tweeted: “No words can describe the disgrace in this video… officially scared for humanity and a little nauseous."

“There should be a warning prior to the video playing… viewer discretion is advised,” a Twitter user quipped. 

While someone brought up the 29-year-old reality and adult film star: “Now I see why her daughter is delusional. It runs in the family.”

Like her mom, Farrah was slammed by fans earlier this week for allowing her 11-year-old daughter to get long black acrylic nails.

On Sunday, Sophia took to Instagram to post a picture of herself as she chugged down a glass of chocolate milk while eating a plate of mac and cheese.

The 11-year-old was multitasking and playing video games on her iPhone, which prompted her to caption it “gaming."

However, eagled-eyed Teen Mom OG Redditers noticed Sophia was wearing long acrylic nails, which come off as inappropriate to them.

One Redditer wrote: "Those nails are inappropriate for children her age.”

A second one criticized her: "Ugh. Just let kids be kids. Long acrylic nails for what?”

While a third asked: "Why would anyone let a kid that young get nails like that.”

After the backlash, Farrah – who often gets cosmetic treatments – told In Touch of her daughter's new nails: 

"Allowing Sophia to be creative in her art and discovery of beauty is nothing to be ashamed of.”

She added: “I realized Sophia should learn about nail health and safety to prevent what I had."

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