Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry to release fifth book and reveals it will be her ‘most emotional one yet’

TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry teased she is working on her fifth book and revealed it will be her "most emotional one yet."

Kailyn has written four previous books: Pride Over Pity released in 2014, her children's book Love is Bubblegum released in 2015, Hustle and Heart in 2016, and a Hustle and Heart adult coloring book, also released in 2016.

It appears Kailyn, 29, has set a big New Year's resolution for this year.

She took to Instagram to tease her fans about her process of writing her new book.

Kailyn revealed she will be releasing the book with her first publisher of her New York Times Best Seller memoir, Pride Over Pity.

The Teen Mom posted a photo of her computer open to a Google Document, although most of the text on the page was redacted.

However, it's clear Kailyn intends on organizing the chapters of her book by talking about the "now" followed by "then."

Kailyn wrote: "My kids are with their dads and I had to leave town to focus and finally get this done.

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"New book with my original publisher coming 2022. This one might be my most emotional one yet."

Kailyn opened the floor to fans and asked what they'd like to see discussed in her new book.


Kailyn recently revealed scary details about the "abuse" she faced in a previous relationship on her podcast Baby Mamas No Drama.

Kailyn got vulnerable with her podcast co-host, Vee Rivera while discussing "trauma" in relationships, which prompted the TV star to talk about her own horrifying experience.

"I had this one guy I was dating clap in my face, like literally this close to my face when we were in an argument," she began.

"What you did was abuse, that's still abuse, that's still – you know what I mean? That didn't register to him.

"That is, you don't clap in someone's face. That's not normal, unless you're expecting to fight someone," she added as Vee chimed in in agreeance.

This isn't the first time that Kailyn admitted to suffering from abuse in her previous relationships.

Back in October, the young mom reflected on her time spent in a "homeless shelter" after leaving Jo Rivera – the father of her oldest child Isaac – shortly after their son was born.


On her other platform, the Coffee Convos podcast, the TV star explained how Jo's "abuse" was instrumental in her move to the "funded housing."

"When I stayed at a shelter, it wasn't because of domestic violence but it still kinda resonates because there was a lot of verbal and emotional abuse and I know that some people don't remember but Jo was like that towards me," she confessed.

"There are several scenes on Teen Mom 2 of abuse like that. So I did resonate with that a little bit cause I stayed at a homeless shelter with Isaac.

"I don't know if some people don't know that. I stayed at a homeless shelter in East Pennsylvania with Isaac," she explained.

"I was able to get into the transitional housing that was privately funded. I didn't quite qualify for section eight housing.

"I qualified for something that was privately funded after I stayed at the homeless shelter," the TV personality recalled.

Kailyn's admittance came as a shock as she has learned to co-parent with Jo amicably since their breakup in 2011.

The MTV star has even formed a relationship with his wife Vee, who is also her co-host of her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast.


Kailyn's $48k in PPP loans have been forgiven for her podcast and her shuttered haircare company as she builds an $850,000 mansion.  

The Teen Mom star, who has been sharing the jaw dropping interiors of her custom-built Delaware mansion, has been forgiven for the two loans totaling $48,000 from the Paycheck Protection Program, according to records first reported by the reality star fan account Wawamelen.

PPP loans are part of a federal program with funds earmarked for small businesses hit hardest in the pandemic to help them pay employees.  

Kail, 29, who first took out the loans for her podcast company Kailyn Lowry LLC and her haircare company, Pothead Inc in April of 2020-  was let off the hook for them in June of 2021.

The Pothead Inc loan was for $17,048, with records noting that the funds were anticipated to be used for payroll expenses- the company boasted two employees.   

In July, a month after she was forgiven for the two loans, Pothead Inc’s Instagram page announced it was closing up shop and alleged it was only a temporary closure, although there have been no updates since. 

The beauty company claimed the reasons for the closing are "issues" related to "CBD regulations, deliveries being 'confiscated' on route, and the 'restricted ability to advertise.'" 

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