Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry’s estranged dad accused of skipping town while owing over $1K in child support when she was just 2

TEEN Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry’s estranged father, Raymond, was accused of skipping town while owing over $1,000 in child support when she was just 2 years old. 

In Texas court papers exclusively obtained by The Sun, Kailyn’s mother Suzanne, who she is also estranged from, filed a motion for enforcement of child support against Raymond in March 1994. 

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Kailyn, 29, and her mother lived in Pennsylvania at the time, while her father “left” and relocated to Texas, the court papers claim. 

Raymond was ordered to pay $45 a week in child support for Kailyn in 1992, the year she was born, in Pennsylvania. 

Suzanne claimed in her motion that Raymond “repeatedly violated the child support order” and “failed to pay court-ordered child support” in the amount of $1,025 as of July 1993. 

She requested the court hold him in contempt, meaning he would pay a fine under $500 and go to jail until he pays off the child support debt. 

She claimed Raymond has in his possession documents that will show his “ability to pay child support.”

But Raymond was unable to be served. 

The process server noted that a neighbor revealed Raymond “has possibly gone to Kansas.”

The Office of the Attorney General dismissed the case against Raymond in August 1994. 

Raymond did not respond to The Sun's request for comment,

Kailyn has been estranged from her father since childhood.

On 16 and Pregnant, Kailyn visited her father while she was pregnant with her son Isaac, now 11, with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera. 

In Kailyn's memoir Pride Over Pity, she wrote of the visit: “He had told me he lived in a cozy two bedroom house, but the home he brought me to turned out to be a little shack.”

She claimed Raymond asked to borrow money from her for a Dunkin' Donuts breakfast.

She penned: ”Bumming money off of me, his pregnant teenage daughter, was the last straw in the haystack for me.”

He also "judged" her for being pregnant, as she claimed: “He was adamant that if he had been around, I wouldn’t be pregnant. I understood his sentiment toward my circumstances, but I felt he had no right to judge. 

"Raymond hadn’t been around for my childhood. He wasn’t there for me as I messed up my teenage years.”

Raymond wrote on Facebook of his portrayal on 16 and Pregnant in October 2020: "I was on the show too and they made me look bad. I know what you mean about shouldn't have to defend yourself.”

He went on: "I personally don't think that show is good for young girls to watch. I think it gives them the wrong idea about being a parent so young among other things. It's just a bad show I think."

Kailyn responded to her dad: "No that's a f***ing joke. Don't even start this s**t…

"You haven't been around or tried with either of us nor paid child support so get the f**k outta here.”

On Kailyn’s podcast Coffee Convos, she claimed her father kidnapped her as a child. 

She recalled: "My mom was granted temporary custody of me as she completed a 30-day rehab program…which supposedly she did.

"And I think my dad did try to see me at some point, and then he just fell of the face of the earth. I think because my mom made it pretty difficult…

"Now as a mom I'm going through a similar situation with one of my kids' dads, I understand why she made that decision because it was so inconsistent and you're not really bringing anything to the table so I'd rather take that away.”

She continued: "But my dad did kidnap me and brought me to Texas and tried to raise me there, and both sides told me that.

"So it's not like he didn't want me, it's just that he didn't have…it would have been his sister raising me…and I don't think my mother or my father knew what they were getting themselves into when they were having me…

"So I ended up just bouncing around.”

Raymond did not respond to The Sun's request for comment at the time. 

Kailyn, who is mom to Isaac, 11, with ex Jo Rivera, Lincoln, 7, with ex-husband Javi Marroquin, and Lux, 3, and Creed, 7 months, with ex Chris Lopez, is also estranged from her mother Suzi, who she claimed has struggled with alcohol abuse. 

On last season’s Teen Mom 2, Suzi called Kailyn for the first time in three years to inform her that her grandmother passed away. 

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Kailyn fired at her: "You don't get to just pop up whenever you feel like it and you don't get to call whenever you feel like it and you don't get to send gifts whenever you feel like it. You don't get to do that.

"You have to be consistent, you have to be present and you have to be active all the time. My son is two years old and has never met you. You have one child and three grandsons that have not heard from you in years. Years. Let that sink in.”

When Suzi said it wasn’t all her fault, Kailyn went off: "It is all of your fault. And until you can take that responsibility and truly accept it for what it is I can't even have a conversation with you.”

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