Teen Mom Maci Bookout slammed as 'disgusting' for sharing clickbait post about her 12-year-old son Bentley's sexuality

MACI Bookout has been slammed for sharing a clickbait article about her 12-year-old son Bentley's sexuality.

The Teen Mom OG star was branded "abhorrent" for posting a link with the caption: "I'm okay if you like boys. Bentley and I have a beautiful talk."

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Maci, 29, finished off the captioned with, "Love is love" and a love heart emoji.

The link takes her fans to a clickbait article about a chat Maci had with Bentley about sex and sexuality on Teen Mom earlier this week.

The MTV star's critics slammed her for "speculating" about whether Bentley is gay or not in a move that they claimed "exploits his privacy".

"So many parents just love exploiting their kids privacy for woke points. If he is gay it’s his choice whether to keep that private or be open," one raged on Reddit.

"Her speculating about it where everyone can see is just wrong on so many levels."

Another added: "Why would you open up his privacy like that for kids at school to discuss it and question him and bully him? Kids are horrible at this age. This is gross."

A third viewer vented: "Bullying aside, she’s opening her son up to criticism and attention that he is not equipped to deal with at this age. I’m so disgusted by her."

Maci and her husband Taylor McKinney, 31, had a chat with Bentley after his voice cracked during Bible class.

The reality star explained that babies are made from a "penis going inside a vagina".

She then went onto sexuality, saying: "Girls are going to be weird pretty soon. You're going to be like 'hmm that's cute…' Or boys. "

"Whatever you like. It's ok if you don't like boys I'm just saying if you do. I always include because you can tell us anything."

Maci shares Bentley with her ex, Ryan Edwards, who recently mocked her PCOS advocacy work.

She spent the majority of a recent Teen Mom OG episode telling viewers about PCOS – Polycystic ovary syndrome – as she has spent the last couple of years raising money for the disease which she suffers from.

Ryan showed his displeasure later in the episode when he learned there is an entire month dedicated to the condition as he and his wife, Mackenzie, discussed Maci's involvement in the run.

"Did you know it's PCOS month?" Mackenzie asked her husband while sitting on the porch.

"Not a clue," he admitted, then asking: "What is PCOS?"

"It's a condition that affects women," Mackenzie explained, as Ryan snarkily replied: "Why does it need a month?"

He continued: "I'm just confused on why you have awareness about something that you can't control."

The exes have been exchanging vicious jabs lately, with Maci recently  "liking" a tweet that read: "Ryan and Mac are so delusional! Bentley is so wise beyond his years."

Bentley sparked conflict when he decided he didn't want to go to his half-brother Jagger's birthday party which took place at Ryan and Mackenzie's house.

Ryan and Mackenzie slammed Maci, calling her a "petty b***h," after Bentley's decision.

The pre-teen ended up going to the party but claimed his father barely spoke to him.

Mackenzie insinuated that Bentley wasn't telling the truth, which Maci quickly hit back at her for.

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