Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee slams trolls who branded her son Broncs, 4, a 'bad kid' for biting teacher & pooping on floor

TEEN Mom Mackenzie McKee shut down trolls who branded her son Broncs, 4, a "bad kid."

The mom revealed on the new Teen Mom OG Broncs had bit teacher and even pooped on the floor in her boss' home.

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Following last night's episode, Mackenzie clapped back at trolls criticizing her parenting challenges with Broncs tweeting: "I don’t think I have the heart to tell a woman that her son who is dealing with grief makes me want to never have children. Y’all cold-hearted children are a blessing #TeenMomOG."

Last night's show saw Mackenzie admit Broncs has been misbehaving more than ever since Josh has been gone in Oklahoma.

A subsequent scene shows the mom-of-three having to bring her kids to a meeting at her boss' house.

But the one-on-one- is interrupted by Broncs "having diarrhea" in the home's garage.

She's heard off camera saying "This is awful."

In a later scene, Mackenzie then returns to the meeting sharing: "Okay well my son just took a crap in your garage. I can't believe he just did that. What the heck? He's been potty trained for two years. I've never experienced this."

She continues: "They really miss their dad, and Broncs is having some behavior issues. He bit his teacher and drew blood, and I can't get a hold of Josh to talk to him about it. He went to work. He went on a hunting trip…"

Mackenzie continued she doesn't understand why her "sweet Broncs" is having such challenges.

She concludes: "It's times like this where I wish Josh was here.

Later on in the episode, Mackenzie is seen finally being able to chat with Josh.

She tells him on the call: "It's just been really rough with Broncs. He's got to have therapy. He's got to have help."

But Josh feels Broncs is just a kid and will "grow out of it."

In the subsequent scene, Mackenzie says she has to "follow her instincts for Broncs' sake" and speaks to a therapist about the four-year-old's behavior issues.

She tells the doctor Broncs is "constantly showing anger, refusing to follow rules and questioning authority, and I did not realize that was quite an issue until I put him in school. And they have called me every day saying he's biting the teacher. He drew blood to a kid, and it's so bad that these kids are going home with bite marks on them."

The therapist explains his behavior is a predictable reaction to being "overwhelmed with stress or change."

Mackenzie explains Broncs has gone through a lot of change this year, including the death of her mother Angie, who lost her battle with cancer.

She also admits she and Josh have been "rocky" and she left him "several times," including moving from Oklahoma to Florida.

The therapist explained Broncs is displaying regression behaviors to deal with stress, but she can help provide with him better coping mechanisms.

Following the episode, fans tweeted Mackenzie: "Make josh stay his ass home and help with the kids. Tf."

The Teen Mom OG star replied: "Lol he tried. I needed him to go on that trip. Space was a must. And my best friends came down so having him around would t have Been fun. But I don’t NEED him."

She also wrote: "I am 100% not sorry for showing how hard being a mom/businesswoman is and showing the raw messiness of it. #TeenMomOG"

Another critic commented: "Sounds like Mackenzie's son needs some home training. Biting till he draws blood is way over the top. It's not like he's never been around kids he has siblings #TeenMomOG"

Makenzie responded: "He’s a 4-year-old who lost his nanny and dealing with that has got to be hard. I truly did my best friend to show him grace and I can honestly say his teachers have been awesome. His therapist has helped me understand his pain, he missed his dad. And he’s doing sooo much better

Other trolls tweeted: "funny how kaiser from #teenmom2 makes me wanna have children yet broncs makes me wanna get my tubes tied RIGHT NOW #TeenMomOG"

Mackenzie simply replied: "So kind…."

Following the death of her mom Angie, Mackenzie and her children, Gannon, nine, Jaxie, seven, and Broncs, four, moved to Florida, initially without Josh.

Josh has since moved into her $300K home, but Mackenzie said she is leaving their marriage "open."

Mackenzie is releasing a memoir later this year entitled, Straightening My Crown: Conquering My Royal Mistakes.

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