Teen Mom’s Mackenzie McKee slams MTV for airing explosive fight with husband Josh in same episode as her mom’s funeral – The Sun

TEEN Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee is livid with MTV after they aired her late mother’s funeral during the same episode as her emotional fight with husband Josh.

The 25-year-old reality star took a month-long filming break after the memorial for her mom Angie Douthit – who passed away from brain cancer at the age of 50 in December 2019.

MTV showed footage from Angie’s service and afterwards, immediately flashed to events that happened the following month.

After her personal hiatus, the next scene that was shown was her explosive fight with husband Josh McKee, 26, who left his wife in tears after she confessed it’s “very hard to want to be alive right now.”

Mackenzie was enraged with the editing choice and fired off a series of tweets slamming the network.

“They filmed so much good stuff. With my mom, with Josh and I. And all that’s shown is the worst of the worst. That is not who we are," she wrote on Tuesday.

The Teen Mom star continued: “And I keep my house so clean especially when filming and they decided to make it a huge point tonight to show how messy the boys' room was one month after my mom passed.”

“Like, cleaning was something that’s on my mind. Ehh, my heart hurts that this is even going to air.

"Josh dropped everything he had and was doing and moved in with my dad for over a month to help out and support us.

“Was there as best as he could be. None of that will be shown in honor of her,” the mom-of-three said.

“But a fight will be shown. The very episode of her funeral. I'm sick to my stomach,” the 16 and Pregnant alum concluded.

The memorial service for Angie took place a few days after her death at the school she was formerly a teacher at.

The TV personality’s aunt Mandi spoke on the flower-filled stage as Mackenzie leaned on her husband from their seats.

It was then shown that the grieving daughter took a one month filming break and upon returning, showed her intense fight with Josh.

She opened up to her husband about her depression and admitted she will “never be the same” after losing her mom.

The Oklahoma native continued that she has “little hope” she will get better after the loss.

She tearfully dropped the bombshell: “Even though I am trying, a lot is going on right now and I need help.

“Sometimes you don’t like when I cry out to you, but it is very hard to want to be alive right now.”

When Josh responded, “If you feel like you’re depressed, you can try talking to someone,” she replied, “Something has got to happen because something bad is going to happen.”

He then shockingly said: "You saying that you’re going to kill yourself? I’m not going to be a part of that,” and stormed out of the room.

Mackenzie then cried to a producer: “This is the support I have from him. I’m not going to do anything to myself cause I love my kids so much, but I hate being alive.

"It’s so painful. I’ve tried to have this conversation with him every single day and he just walks away from me.”

Mackenzie called to tell him how much he hurt her by walking away but he responded that her contemplating suicide made him “mad,” as they have three kids.

The couple share sons Gannon, 8, Broncs, 3, and six-year-old daughter Jaxie.

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