Test your showbiz knowledge with our great Bizarre Quiz Of The Year


CONCERTS were cancelled and films were delayed, but there were still plenty of showbiz shenanigans to fill these pages in the past 12 months.

From Dua Lipa to Gary Barlow, loads of music has kept us entertained – and as the first lockdown eased, romance flourished for plenty of stars.

But I hope you’ve been reading my Bizarre pages carefully because you’re about to be tested. Put down the Quality Street and finish that turkey sandwich – here’s a quiz you don’t need Zoom to take part in.

Best of luck – you might need it!

Who loves ya, baby

  1. Who proposed to his model girlfriend Maya Henry?
  2. In May, which girlband star did I reveal had struck up a romance with Rizzle Kicks’ Jordan Stephens?
  3. What is the name of Victoria and David Beckham’s son who got engaged to actress Nicola Peltz?
  4. Miley Cyrus revealed she had a childhood crush on which Disney character?
  5. Scarlett Johansson tied the knot with comedian Colin Jost, but how many times has she been married now?

No canned do

  1. Who performed three dates of their Where Do We Go? world tour before it was axed?
  2. What is the name of the James Bond film which had been expected last April?
  3. Which pop star was slammed after throwing a 30th birthday party in lockdown?
  4. Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar and which British music icon wasdue to headline Glastonbury in June?
  5. Who was set to release an album called To Die For in June, but eventually delayed it then renamed it due to the unfortunate title amid the pandemic?

Bring it all back

  1. Which British boyband chose this column to announce they were reuniting for a tour – which has now been delayed until 2021 – after seven years apart?
  2. Which seven-piece group did I reveal, just last week, are in talks to reunite for their first new music in two decades?
  3. Which Nineties favourites went to No2 earlier this month with their album What The Future Holds?
  4. The Sun revealed that Hear’Say are in talks for a comeback without which member?
  5. This five-letter British band released their first studio album in ten years, Young Dumb Thrills, in November. Who is it?

Top of the tots…

LOADS of celebrities were busy having babies this year. But can you remember the names of the showbiz offspring? See if you can link the star to their child.

The stars:
1) Katy Perry
2) Ed Sheeran
3) Robbie Williams
4) Dermot O’Leary
5) Boris Johnson
The babies:
A) Kasper
B) Daisy Dove
C) Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas
D) Beau Benedict Enthoven
E) Lyra Antarctica

…to top of the pops

  1. It was the closest chart battle of the year, but who won the race to No1 between Kylie Minogue’s album Disco and Little Mix’s Confetti?
  2. Folklore and Evermore were the two best-selling surprise albums released by which singer?
  3. Which rock band scored the fastest-selling album of the year with their 17th record, Power Up?
  4. Who spent the most weeks at No1 on the UK singles charts in 2020, occupying the top spot for eight weeks between February and April?
  5. Which ITV telly judge scored the biggest-selling female debut album of the year with Songs From My Heart?

Whose line is it anyway?

WHETHER it was on stage or on social media, celebrities came out with some corkers over the past 12 months. Can you guess who said the following?

  1. “You should’ve seen my dad – he was really sad. My mum was even more sad. He was supposed to have had a vasectomy. I was a mistake.”
  2. “Everyone accused me of having a British accent and I didn’t know what they were talking about. Until I heard back old interviews. And I was horrified.”
  3. “I was about six pints deep. I was chasing my cousin, missed the kerb and went over my ankle. I snapped all the ligaments on the outside of my foot.”
  4. “I know I look really different since you last saw me. But actually because of all the Covid restrictions and the travel bans, I had to travel light and only bring half of me.”
  5. “I have got to stop eating. The new rule is every time you want a little glass of wine or a mulled wine, you have to order food. And, well, I nearly got stuck in the bath.”

Spot the difference

Shawn and Camila – can you see five?

Netflix and film hits

  1. WHAT was the name of the Korean film which scooped four awards, including Best Picture, at the Oscars in February?
  2. Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin became household names thanks to what show?
  3. Robert Pattinson and Michael Caine starred in which blockbuster, which topped the box office for eight weeks in the summer?
  4. Which actress starred in Sex Education and played Margaret Thatcher in The Crown?
  5. What live-action film, released in February, starred Jim Carrey and was based on a Sega video game?


TOP OF THE POPS: 1) Kylie Minogue’s Disco 2)Taylor Swift 3) AC/DC 4) The Weeknd 5) Amanda Holden.

NETFLIX & FILM HITS: 1) Parasite 2) Tiger King 3) Tenet 4) Gillian Anderson 5) Sonic The Hedgehog.

WHO LOVES YA, BABY: 1) Liam Payne 2) Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall 3) Brooklyn Beckham 4) Minnie Mouse 5) Three.

NO CANNED DO: 1) Billie Eilish 2) No Time To Die 3) Rita Ora 4) Sir Paul McCartney 5) Sam Smith.

BRING IT ALL BACK: 1) JLS 2) S Club 7 3) Steps 4) Myleene Klass 5) McFly.

WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? 1) Lewis Capaldi 2) Madonna 3) Niall Horan 4) Adele 5) Gemma Collins.

TOP OF THE TOTS: 1)  B: Daisy Dove 2) E: Lyra Antarctica 3) D: Beau Benedict Enthoven 4) A: Kasper 5) C: Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: 1) Camila, shoe – peep-toe, no peep-toe 2) Ankle strap, no strap 3) Hair long, then short 4) Shawn, pendant, no pendant 5) Green cuff, red cuff

Flop or pop?

What your score says:

0-10: Oh dear – what have you been doing all year?

11-20: Not bad but you are off my Zoom quiz team. 

21-30: Pop star – there’s no messing with you.

31-40: You’re hired!

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