The 100 season 7: Will Clarke Griffin star have a new role in final series?

The CW’s sci-fi drama The 100 is going to be drawing to a close after seven years in 2020 after the US network confirmed it would be the final series. Work is taking place right now on the scripts as the cast and crew prepare to build farewell to The 100 for good. As well as tying up the loose ends, season seven is going to be seeing some new characters.

Lead star Eliza Taylor, who portrays Clarke Griffin, is going to be taking on a new role in the series.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Bellamy Blake star Bob Morley revealed that both he and Taylor would be directing on season seven.

“I think season seven, we’ll both be stepping up to that,” Morley said, referring to his co-star and wife Taylor.

Taylor confirmed her new role, adding: “Yeah, I’ll be directing too.”

Morley’s words come after he stepped into the director’s chair in season six of The 100 to shoot the episode Ashes to Ashes.

Reflecting on the experience both direction and starring in the episode, Morley said: “The scenes that I was in, it’s pretty hard.

“You just have to be super-prepared. I think it was something I loved doing.

“You’ve just got to step up and do it and it was over before I thought about it.

“Then, I was in the editing room after you guys wrapped and I was still working on it. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

He went on to reveal this was only beginning of his burgeoning directing career.

Morley said: “I actually wrote and shot something when I was in Australia, so working on that.”

Taylor added of working on The 100 with Morley moving into the role of director: “It was amazing and he took to it like a natural and really proud of him.”

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Season seven is expected to see Clarke finally find some form of peace after continuously confronted with dangers.

The last run will be dealing with the mystery of the temporal Anomaly as well as the religious zealots of Sanctum who continue to follow the Primes without question.

However, there’s likely to be some resolution for the characters with fans hoping that Clarke and Bellamy will finally admit their romantic feelings for one another.

On how he would like Bellamy’s arc to end, Morley said he wanted the sibling rivalry with the hot-headed Octavia Blake (Marie Avgerpoulos) to stop once and for all.

Morley said: “I think it would be nice to bury the hatchet with Octavia and finally move on to some sort of different storyline.”

The 100 season 7 will be premiering on The CW in 2020

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