The 3 New Netflix Horror Movies for October 2021

Netflix wasn’t kidding when it announced its “new movies every week” plan. And it didn’t omit horror movies from that mix. Several new Netflix horror movies are coming in October 2021; The streaming giant wanted to inject as many as possible into the Halloween season. Viewers might recognize a few of them, such as Debbie Ryan and Megan Fox’s Night Teeth flick.

Nevertheless, viewers shouldn’t stop at just one. After all, Halloweentime is an entire month, not just one day. So Netflix racked up a few new movies for horror fans. Here are the October 2021 streaming releases.

‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’

Our greatest fear might be ourselves—that’s, at least, what this movie conveys. There’s Someone Inside Your House might sound like a typical haunted house movie, but it’s beyond that. For any Scream fans, this new horror might look similar to the Ghostface-teen-killing slasher. But it’s not. James Wan produced a new kind of fear.

According to Netflix, Makani and her friends are tossed into a personal horror. The new movie follows several teenagers guilty of misdeeds. The killer wears a mask that looks like each victim’s face. Before striking, the slasher leaves a trail of reminders for each teen. Whether it’s photos or pills, each person walks toward a doom they thought was buried.

Each generation changes the horror narrative. And this film employs a societal relevance in addition to its cinematic thrills. As the young adults try to uncover who their stalker is, they have to face their past faults.

There’s Someone Inside Your House debuts on Oct. 6, 2021.

‘Fever Dream’

As one of Netflix’s newest horror movies of 2021, Fever Dream follows a new narrative. The plot focuses on a mother’s perspective. The film indulges in a delirious, surrealist storyline based on Claudia Llosa’s book of the same name.

Amanda is a young mother who takes her five-year-old daughter on a trip. She meets the fashionable Carola, a mother living in the small village. As the two get to know one another, they discuss the responsibilities and fears of motherhood.

The trailer speaks volumes from the character’s realization—mothers “assess the danger” to protect their children. But Carola doesn’t share that anxiety with Amanda. She reveals her son isn’t hers anymore. He is only half of Carola’s son, who fell ill (hence the title Fever Dream). Once Amanda’s child appears sick, the drama ensues. It seems this charming, simple village holds a sinister secret.

This film doesn’t reflect other child horrors such as Children of the Corn. It questions the painful sacrifice that mothers make for their children.

Fever Dream will stream on Oct. 13. 2021.

‘Night Teeth’

Starring the familiar faces of Megan Fox and Debbie Ryan, Night Teeth looks like a simple vampire flick. But it offers a more relatable image.

The movie follows a chauffeur named Benny, who drives two friends to Los Angeles nightclubs. Little does he know that they’re dripping with a bloody secret. The two passengers, Blaire and Zoe, are vampires who have lived for a few centuries. And all of the city’s vampires wreak havoc in the fight for power. So Benny stays with his two new friends to stay alive.

Night Teeth doesn’t emulate the other fang-filled flicks like Twilight and Interview With the Vampire. Instead, it brings a modern twist to an old legend.

The horror premieres closer to Halloween—Oct. 20, 2021.

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