'The Bachelor': Here’s What Susie Evans Does for a Living

The Bachelor with Clayton Echard aired its finale last night, March 16. To say that it was a wild ride is an understatement. Despite spoilers from Reality Steve, producer Mike Fleiss was correct in saying this season was “spoiler-proof.” Clayton left Iceland single. However, he and Susie Evans reunited during last night’s episode. Fans are clamoring to know more about Susie. Here’s what Susie does for a living, plus her age, Instagram, and where she calls home.

Who is ‘Bachelor’ star Susie Evans?

Twenty-eight-year-old Susie describes herself as someone with a “passion for living.” She currently resides in Virginia and previously participated in beauty pageants. Susie held the title of Miss Virginia USA in 2020. She worked with Tokyo Disney as a performer before that. She performed as a Disney princess at Tokyo Disneyland and portrayed beloved characters such as Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The Virginia native has several photos on her Instagram page showing her dressed up as different Disney princesses. Susie previously mentioned the impact that job had on her outlook on life.

Susie left her job with Disney after two years before returning home to start her journey in the pageant industry. In 2020, her bio on Pageant Update Info listed a different position as a Program Director as what Susie does for a living.

The site says, “Susie currently works as a Program Manager at a marketing agency in Williamsburg, Virginia where she plans and executes patient-education programs across the U.S. She works closely with advocacy groups and patients with rare diseases and she believes that her work experience has shaped her greatly in the last year. When Susie isn’t at work she spends hours training in Brazilian Jiu Jistu and volunteering at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.”

What Susie Evans does for a living now

Susie’s bio for The Bachelor says she works as a wedding photographer for a living, but her LinkedIn profile lists Program Manager. However, her Instagram bio says she works as a fitness instructor. 

‘The Bachelor’ winner has a passion for digital cinema

Susie mentioned becoming a documentary filmmaker as one of her biggest goals and something she’d like to do for a living. She’s always had a passion for digital cinema. Plus, she already has one short film under her belt.

Her Miss Virginia bio goes into detail about that particular passion. “Susie started looking for ways to use her digital cinema education to give back to the community. Live, learn, and pass it on! This is the idea behind her initiative Media That Matters. She set out to empower women through her media production and had the opportunity to display a photo series showcasing the natural beauty of women from around the world in the Scheidegger Center for the Arts. She also produced a short film called, Kara, to empower women who have lost their hair from chemotherapy, fundraised for a scholarship contest at her alma mater to award young women scholarships, and used a documentary-style video to help find a kidney donor for a kidney disease patient in Sarasota, FL.”

Although many fans believed The Bachelor producers were giving Susie “The Bachelorette edit,” she surprised everyone with her return on stage. During The Bachelor finale, Susie and Clayton announced they would begin their life together in Virginia. Clayton quit his job and already has plans to join Susie at her home there. The two aren’t engaged, but we won’t be surprised if that happens in the near future.

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