‘The Bachelor’: Who Is Chelsea Vaughn? Chris Harrison Says Matt James’ Contestant Is the ‘Real Deal’

Chelsea Vaughn caught Bachelor Nation’s attention the moment she stepped out of the limo on Matt James’ season premiere. But, despite her stunning entrance, viewers haven’t seen much from the contestant. So, who is Chelsea from The Bachelor Season 25? Here’s what you need to know about the cast member, from her Instagram to her modeling career.

Chelsea Vaughn is from ‘The Bachelor’ Season 25 cast with Matt James

When Chelsea arrived on The Bachelor Season 25, the 28-year-old from Brooklyn, New York captured everyone’s attention — including James. 

“So, everyone knows you’re making history as the first Black bachelor, and I’m just really excited to get to know you,” Chelsea said. “And hopefully, we can make history together.”

Then James watched as Chelsea walked up the steps of the Nemacolin Resort. “Wow, she is wearing that dress,” James said in awe. 

Given Chelsea’s limo entrance, her professional career may not come as much of a surprise. According to her Bachelor profile, Chelsea is a runway model. But, the contestant worked a full-time job in corporate America before diving headfirst into the world of modeling. Now, Chelsea is represented by MMG.

Back in December 2020, host Chris Harrison introduced The Bachelor Season 25 cast and opened up about Chelsea’s career, pointing out that she isn’t one of those Instagram models. He said:

Look, we’ve had a lot of models over the years, and we’ve had a lot of “models” over the years. But, that’s not Chelsea. Chelsea is the real deal. Six feet tall, tall drink of water. By the way, Matt is 6’5”. So, still half a foot under Matt. Strikingly beautiful woman, signed to a big-time modeling agency. I mean, this girl is legit, walking on the runways of Paris during fashion week. So, none of the swipe up codes for Chelsea. She’s the real deal.

That said, Bachelor Nation fans can find Chelsea’s Instagram under the handle @chelseavaughn_. And as expected, the contestant’s feed is filled with photos that could be seen in a modeling portfolio. Chelsea’s also been having some fun promoting her time on The Bachelor.

“Next Monday, find out if Matt was thirsty for this ‘tall drink of water,’” Chelsea wrote on Instagram in response to Harrison’s comment.

Chris Harrison says Chelsea Vaughn is one to watch on ‘The Bachelor’ 2021

For now, Bachelor Nation fans will just have to wait and see how far Chelsea makes it on James’ season. But, whatever happens, Harrison promised viewers that the contestant is one to keep an eye on.

“[Chelsea is] one of the realest women, very sincere,” Harrison said. “You think, OK, model. What’s this girl about? There is depth there. There is a very sincere woman behind these gorgeous model looks. I’d say keep an eye on Chelsea. But, let’s be honest, you don’t need to say keep an eye on Chelsea. I think everybody does.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea finally received some screen time in The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 4. The contestant opened up about her relationship with her hair as a Black woman. Chelsea revealed that she chemically straightened her hair since she was 2-years-old and wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving the house unless her hair was straight. But then, she decided to shave it off.

“It was such an emotionally freeing experience,” Chelsea said.

Now, will Bachelor Nation fans see more conversations between James and Chelsea moving forward? Stay tuned.

The Bachelor Season 25 with Matt James airs Monday nights on ABC.

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