'The Bachelor': Why Some Fans Think Matt James Uses Kissing As a Tactic

There’s been a lot of talk about the way that Matt James kisses on The Bachelor 2021. Mostly, many fans seem to be unnerved by the fact that James kisses with his eyes open. Tons of memes have been made to poke fun at the reality TV star for this, but now people are discussing his lip-locking for an entirely different reason.

With a record number of contestants on The Bachelor 2021, James has had the opportunity to get to know more women than any other lead in the show’s 25 seasons. The former footballer certainly seems to be taking advantage of this and he’s exploring the physical aspects of his relationships also. Fans have noticed that James has smooched the overwhelming majority of his contestants multiple times.

Matt James has been criticized for his kissing on ‘The Bachelor’ 2021

Of course, exploring the physical aspects of a relationship is necessary to determine whether there’s a romantic connection. However, some fans of the show believe that James is utilizing kissing as a tactic. On the official Instagram page for The Bachelor 2021 scores of fans are pointing out that James doesn’t seem to be into the process of the reality show. Some people have even pointed out that he treats most of the women pretty much the same.

In fact, some vocal fans went as far as to say that James displayed more chemistry with his best friend and Bachelor Nation alum, Tyler Cameron, than he has with any of the contestants on The Bachelor 2021. Instagram users pointed out the fact that James seems to say the same things to all of the women and, when he can’t find the words, he just goes in for the kiss.

Some fans think James treats all his contestants the same

“If you blurred out the faces & voices of the girls on one-on-ones you wouldn’t even be able to tell who was who because Matt treats them all the exact same and says the exact same things to all of them,” one person on Instagram wrote about James after watching the latest episode of The Bachelor 2021.

“Yes… I also notice that he just goes in for a kiss because he can’t carry a conversation,” another fan of The Bachelor penned in agreement. “Yep, he sure does!” another person agreed. “I was wondering if I was the only one thinking that!? He’ll say a couple of sentences and then it’s ok let’s kiss now! Smdh lol.” “Thank you for pointing this out,” yet another person chimed in. “He also must kiss each one randomly when he can’t think of what to say or do.”

Is the bachelor using kissing as a tactic?

Of course, not all fans agreed with this assessment of James. Some people pointed out that The Bachelor 2021 has been so rife with drama that James is likely emotionally exhausted from the experience. As he had no previous experience with the franchise, he likely didn’t know what to expect. Furthermore, other fans pointed out that James may be falling victim to editing that shows more of his makeout sessions and less of his meaningful conversations.

While viewers of The Bachelor 2021 may argue over whether James is using kissing as a way to get out of conversations, it likely won’t make too much of a difference overall. As the show has skewed away from love and leaned toward drama and securing Instagram followers, we’d be surprised if a long-lasting love connection comes out of this season.

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