The Big Audition viewers have one major problem with the new ITV series

ITV launched a new prime time Friday night series yesterday (October 5) with The Big Audition.

The format revolves around people auditioning for different jobs in the entertainment industry, with our hopefuls ranging from a wannabe Henry VIII impersonator/tour guide to a TV shopping channel presenter, among other things.

Rather than attempt to emulate the high drama and brutal plot twists of something like The X Factor, the show tries to go for the same warm feeling as something like Little Big Shots.

People were split on whether it was successful at that or not, but viewers at home did agree that one aspect of the show was just too far-fetched:

While we were inclined to agree at first, after giving it some more thought we think that a) for budget reasons, it’s probably easier to do it all in one day, and b) in our society that is so obsessed with instant gratification, maybe it’s not the show that is wrong, but every other employer.

Also in the show there were dogs competing to be a model for a pet magazine, and one of them had one eye and that was all very cute. Maybe they should make the show just about dogs instead? You can never have too many cute doggos.

The Big Audition continues at 9pm on Friday (October 12) on ITV.

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