'The Big Bang Theory': Sheldon Cooper Almost Had a Much Different Name

TheBig Bang Theory delighted fans for 12 seasons. The show might officiallyhave ended in May 2019, but the storyline sort-of lives on in YoungSheldon, the show that focuses on Sheldon Cooper’s early life. Sheldon,however, almost had a completely different name, and fans can’t really wraptheir minds around Sheldon being named anything other than, well, Sheldon.

Sheldonalmost went by Kenny

Sheldon’s name wasn’t originally Sheldon. While the change happened during the development of the series, it’s still pretty crazy to think of Sheldon by any other name. During the original construction of the show, Sheldon was briefly named Kenny. According to Screen Rant, the name Kenny was proposed to offer alliteration with the other key characters, but the idea was scrapped when the team decided to pay homage to a prolific television producer.

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The name change honored Sheldon Leonard. The producer is famed for his work on early television shows like The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Danny Thomas Show and I Spy, among others. Leonard died in 1997 at the age of 89. During his illustrious career, he was nominated for seven Emmy Awards and won one. He was also inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 1992.

LeonardHofstadter’s name was almost different, too

LeonardHofstadter’s name was almost different, too, but the name change isn’t nearlyas striking. While The Big Bang Theory was in development, writersoriginally intended for Leonardto go by the nickname, Lenny. The nickname would have matched his roommate’soriginal name, and the name of the next-door neighbor, Penny, perfectly. Itdidn’t, however, fit the serious and sarcastic nature of the character.

Instead,showrunners decided to let Leonard go by his full name, which also honored thefamed producer that Sheldon is named after. Penny’s name was left intact,although writersnever got around to giving her a last name.

Theonly character who went by a nickname was Raj

If youthink about it, the writers of The Big Bang Theory really focused on ensuringthe gang of friends went by their full names almost exclusively. HowardWolowitz, who was sometimes called Howie by his wife, went almostexclusively by Howard among his friends and colleagues. Bernadette went by herfull first name, too, and so did the rest of the gang.

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Theonly character who went by a nickname was Raj. Raj’s full name was RajeshRamayan Koothrappali, although he rarely went by Rajesh. His name wasalmost always shortened to Raj. The team behind The Big Bang Theorynever mentioned why Raj went by a nickname when no one else did, but fans cansurmise that it was merely for the ease of dialog.

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