The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik melts fans' hearts with touching tribute to Kaley Cuoco' Penny

THE Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik melted fans’ hearts with a touching tribute to co-star Kaley Cuoco’ Penny.

The actress, best known for playing Dr Amy Farrah Fowler in the popular American sitcom, shared an adorable snap just over a year since the sitcom came to an end.

Mayim , 44, posted a photo of her standing next to the iconic portrait that Amy commissioned of the duo to commemorate their friendship in the fifth series.

The star wrote alongside the snap: “‘Visited some old friends today at WB! And yes, I’m repping my Vote mask since there’s just FOUR WEEKS until the election!

“FOUR WEEKS PEOPLE. Please please please register if you haven’t yet.’ In a final attempt to get her voice heard, she again repeated herself, adding: ‘PLEASE!?!?”

The giant painting of Penny and Amy featured in The Rothman Disintegration episode, it shows a confident looking Amy standing with her left arm draped over the shoulders of an uneasy looking Penny, which Amy paid $3000 for.

The photo sent fans into a frenzy with many excited that the portrait still exists, one wrote: “I’m so glad they saved your painting.”

Another gushed: “This is the most iconic and revelatory painting in the history of TV!! It tells everything you need to know about these two characters. Love it!!!”

A third penned: “We have all been wondering what happened to that famous painting!!!”

In the episode, Amy gave Penny the painting as a “bestie” gift to honour their friendship but Penny decides to remove the hilarious portrait which later upsets Amy assuming Penny does not value their friendship.

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The pair become best pals once again when Penny remounts the painting in her apartment.

One fan commented: “I’m so jealous of Penny for having a best friend like Amy.”

The hit CBS sitcom only came to an end in May last year after 12 seasons, but fans are already crying out for the cast to reunite with one writing: “Tell me when Big Bang Theory is coming back??“

Mayim recently revealed that she's been “touched by suicide very directly” in a heart-wrenching video.

The star spoke directly to her fans in a message uploaded to her Instagram page.

Mayim explained that she'd wanted to make the video to highlight National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

She said honestly: "I've tried to make this video several times.

"I haven't wanted to make this video cause it's really hard and it's really sad to talk about suicide and that doesn't mean we don't talk about it."

As she struggled through the emotional video, Mayim gave fans an insight into her life.

"I have been touched by suicide very, very directly and closely," she revealed.

"And there's nothing more important than talking about it and removing the stigma around it.

"We need better access to help so that people can get help. That’s it. I don’t know what else to say."

Reflecting on people's mental health during the current pandemic, the Blossom star added: "Please take care of yourself during this quarantine – those of us who struggle are struggling even more.

"And in honour of the people in my family we have lost and the loved ones i have lost, I'll continue to speak out."

Echoing her words in the video, Mayim's caption further expressed her feelings.

"Suicide is never an easy thing to talk about," wrote Mayim. "But that doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about it.

"I’ve lost people very close to me whom I loved deeply to suicide. I know the heartache and unresolved unfathomable pain it brings. ?"

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